Essential Oils That Support Respiratory System


For all of these oils I have attached a link for your to get more details on them. In this blog I'm going to share what I do with these oils.

Eucalyptus I diffuse this oil with other oils. Sometimes with peppermint or citrus. There's really no oil that eucalyptus doesn't blend well with. Well ok maybe oregano. (I do have a new love for oregano these days)

Melaleuca This oil I use for almost everything, cleaning, anything itchy, room spray the list can go on. It has great medicinal properties. I use the app Essential Life for blend ideas. By the way, that app is DA BOMB! New features have been added to it and totally worth the $6. Since I'm always on the go that app serves as my device reference when google doesn't give me what I want.

Melissa My mom loves this oil. It comes from the lemonbalm family. Great for hot sores and around the lips and those private areas. It's probably the most expensive oil (next to rose) and comes in a 5ml.

Rosemary My mom just puts this on all over her body. I like rosemary but I don't love it. They say, what you don't like your body needs. I have to dilute this oil just so I can make it work with me. In the emotions book it says that Rosemany helps assist in the development of true knowledge and true intellect. (I need that lol) My mom must be a wise woman.

Peppermint This oil addresses, unberable pain, depression, heaviness and pessimistic muddled. It's really good when you have a stuffy noes though. Or a pain in the neck like I'm having right now.

MyrrhThis oil is really great for supporting the immune system and thyroid. It's really sappy so you have to be patient when getting the oil out of the dropper. If the neck of the bottle gets messy just use alcohol (food grade of course) to wipe the neck clean. Then you you can pour yourself a drink. j/k

Cinnamon I can't get enough of cinnamon! Lather me up. Put this in my tea, my coffee, in my coconut oil and on my body. (DO NOT forget the cococnut oil when putting this on your body) This is a hot oil and will really knock your socks off or make you punch your computer screen, it's that hot. It happened to me. Cinnimon is often used in Chinese formulas to break the cold and warm up the body. Super duper oil for respritory.

Lemon Sooths the throat. Better than lemon juice and you just need one drop. I love rinsing fruit with this oil.

Cassia Same as cinnimon, from the same family. Don't get this in your eyes. If you do get coconut oil on your hand and eyes fast. It's a hot oil too.

Lemongrass mmm love this with everything. I love the community that distills this oil for us. It comes from india. The story about the family that harvest this oils touches my heart. they are so humble.

ThymeHOT Oil! Dilute. Great in tea and for immune support.

Bergamont Kinda like lemon and lemongrass. Great in black tea and almond milk. Refreshing. Diffuse this with Eucyluptus and you'll be in heaven.

Grapefruit End of story. Love this oil. It's comfort for me. I drink this oil, clean fruit with this oil and diffuse it with a lot of other oils. This in the car and nobody will every be moody again. (I live with the moodiest dad of all).

Ravansara- This oil doesn't come as a single oil yet.

Birch- This oil can only be obtained when you go to doterra convention.


White Fir / Serbian Fir The most grounding blend of all and very relaxing oil.

Cilantro Just drink it. It's good for you. Cilantro helps deplete heavy metals. Even eating cilantro has great benifits. I add a drop to pico de gayo. mmm mmm mmm.

Breathe The blend of all blends for respiratory. If you can't get any of these oils, get this one!

OnGuard ....and this one!

Purify Cleansing blend, love. I diffuse and it cleans the air.

Citrus Bliss Love it's like who doesn't like this blend? This blend is awesome with peppermint in the diffuser.

So that's all friends. I do encourage you to

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most recommended app Essential Life on Apple and Andrioid

most recommended app Essential Life on Apple and Andrioid