5 Alternative Therapy Perks About Acupuncture

5 Alternative Therapy Perks About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body’ natural healing ability and to improve functioning. This is treat by inserting disposable stainless steel needles thin as a strand of hair and applying heat or electrical stimulation at precise acupuncture points. Acupuncture is a popular therapy that has been use for thousands of years which treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Here are five perks of acupuncture therapy over other treatments?

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Why does my Acupuncturist Want To Look At My Tongue?

Why does my Acupuncturist Want To Look At My Tongue?

The overall appearance of the tongue provide a look inside the health and harmony of the organs. Believe it or not, the tongue is the only muscle we can see and it tells us a lot about what is going internally.

I look at the shape and color of the tongue and the quality of the tongue coating. Divided into different areas, it is reflective of the internal workings of your body. The perfect tongue is pale red, with a thin white coating.

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The Ancient Rite of Death and Rebirth

The Ancient Rite of Death and Rebirth

In modern times we have forgotten the moon practice; we work too much, sleep too little and overstimulate. One of my mentors, Dr. Roger Jahnke, a Qigong Master once discussed that medicine is something that well people have inside. We have access to healing within ourselves. Join a community of women learning together about body ecology know your cycle an be able to read your cycle as a vital sign in this ecourse Menstrual Attunement.

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When was it ok to allow ourselves to be shamed because of our cycle?

When was it ok to allow ourselves to be shamed because of our cycle?

Are you craving to learn more about this taboo menses all women have and experience? Body literacy & fluency is a cornerstone of what I have begun to focus on in my teachings. Once we gain an understanding of their rhythms and particular needs, you'll have this amazing ability to access the most profound medicine within. Your body knows how to heal. We just need to learn about how to release and access it's own healing abilities. Fearlessly and passionately love your body by learning its vital signs in our Menstrual Attunement eCourse.

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Never Get Jet Lag Again

Never Get Jet Lag Again

The key to reducing the symptoms of jet lag is to restore energy flow and, to quickly return balance to the body's circadian rhythm. While at sea where I practice Acupuncture, people from around the world arrive to their cruise jet lag and with very little time to recover. I've helped many patients prevent and recover from jet lag 

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Infertility

 Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Infertility

Mother Nature’s natural fertility rate is only about 20% per month for a healthy, fertile 30-year-old woman. That means that for every 100 fertile 30-year-old women trying to get pregnant in one cycle, 20 will be successful and the other 80 will have to try again.

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Weekly Drop of Wisdom: Loss of Appetite? You Might Need a Break

Weekly Drop of Wisdom: Loss of Appetite? You Might Need a Break

Now just because I write about all these healthy things, doesn’t always mean I do everything right. I too like many of you have ups and downs. My emotional roller coster often times affects my desire to eat. I have noticed that after treating a guest that presents with these similar feelings within a few treatment, appetite returns.

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One Herb That Change's Your Mood and Improves Digestion

One Herb That Change's Your Mood and Improves Digestion

My love for Chinese Medicine and essential oils started simultaneously. It wasn’t until my third year of medical school that I discovered the only difference between herbal formula and essential oils is how they are prepared. As my experience working with herbs developed, I also noticed that accompanying essential oils with my Chinese Medicine practice, I got lasting results and my body would respond quicker to more natural alternatives. There’s never just one way to take care of yourself, its a lifestyle that develops when we give our body the attention it needs. In this blog I share with you a very well known herb that supports digestion and can be found in an essential oil.

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TCM Herbal Formula: Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Cinnamon

TCM Herbal Formula: Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Cinnamon

Harmonizing the immune system and providing nutrients

Promote sweating

Alleviate spontaneous sweating

Promote better stomach function

Resolve acid reflux with wheezing

Warm cold in the lower abdomen that causes cramping pains

Resolve discomfort and obstruction


Harmonize spleen wind in children

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What Spice Has A Long History of Culinary Use?

Cinnamon Bark apples.jpg

This week is the perfect time to celebrate all the gifts the earth has given us! One great gift from the earth is dōTERRA’s Cinnamon Bark essential oil. Cinnamon has a long history of culinary uses like, adding spice to desserts, entrees, and even hot drinks. That’s why it’s one of my favorite essential oils for the holiday season. (I probably say that with every essential oil)

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses Cinnamon (known as guÌ zhì) in about 10 patent formulas. This means that not only is cinnamon a great essential oil, but this herb has been use for thousands of years to improve immunity, head tension, menstrual support, increase sweeting, joint pain and digestion when used with other Chinese herbs.

What is Chinese medicine and how can it help me? I share with you in this short video what spleen qi deficiency is and how essential oils can help.


Cinnamon Bark is well known for its use as a spice. Did you know when taken internally, supports healthy metabolic function and helps maintain a healthy immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high. Place 1 drop of dōTerra Cinnamon essential oil in hot water or tea and drink slowly to soothe your irritated throat or add one drop to two ounces of water and gargle for an effective mouth rinse before heading to bed.

Below are some wonderful and creative ways to include dōTERRA Cinnamon Bark in your favorite holiday dishes:

Cinnamon EO.jpg


Apple Cream Cheese Rose Tart

Healthy Pumpkin Pie

Chinese formula’s that include cinnamon are:

Cinnamon Twig plus Cinnamon Guì Zhī Jiā gui tāng

Cinnamon Twig Decoction

Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Peony

Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Magnolia Bark and Apricot KernelAconite Accessory Root Decoction

Cinnamon Twig Decoction plus Kudzu Root

Half Cinnamon Half Ephedra Decoction

Guì zhī èr yuè bì yī tāng

Wū tóu guì zhì tāng



Acupuncture is a system that can influence the promotion of health and well-being, prevention of illness, treatment of various medical conditions.  

The World Health Organization recognizes the use of acupuncture in the treatment of a wide range of medical problems including:

  • Digestive disorders: gastritis and hyperacidity, spastic colon, constipation, diarrhea.

  • Respiratory disorders: Sinusitis, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma and recurrent chest infection

  • Neurological and muscular disorders: headaches, facial tics, neck pain, rib neuritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, various forms of tendinitis, low back pain, sciatica and osteoarthritis.

  • Urinary, menstrual and reproductive problems.

Acupuncture is useful resolving physical problems related to tension and stress and emotional conditions.

According to Chinese Medicine Qi flows through the body via 14 primary meridians.  

To strengthen the flow of Qi or remove blockages in the meridians, a small strike flexible needle is inserted just under the skin at certain specific points along the channel.  

Acupuncture leads to real physiologic changes in the body. Numerous studies have shown that inserting needles unto the skin stimulates nerves in the muscles.  

The stimulation sends impulse up the spinal cord to a relatively primitive part of the brain known as the limbic system as well as to the mid brain and the pituitary gland.  

signals lead to the release of endorphins and monoamines, chemicals that block pain signals in the spinal cord and brain.

I’m a Chinese Medicine Physician. I have traveled to many parts of the world treating people with an ancient way that has worked for thousands of years.

In my experience, Chinese Medicine treats the body as a whole and aims to achieve balance and harmony. 

I use essential oils, chinese herbs and nutrition therapy to achieve this.  

I invite you to connect with me in the Circle on Facebook to learn more.  


Immune Boosting Foods

Immune Boosting Foods

We can almost bet that just as fall begins to roll around immune system become compromised and one by one kids at school start getting sick by the day.

The cool thing about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that we look at external diagnostic factors that tell us what’s going on inside our body. 

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Do You Have Vaginal Fatigue?


I am a woman who has never had a child, been on minimal birth control honors my body as a temple and still experience challenges most women have today. Short moon cycle, heavy, painful cycle, sometimes no cycle at all. Cramps, cyst the list can go on. 

It was these challenges that initiated my interest in Chinese Medicine.

You see I struggled with UTI(Urinary Track Infection) for years. All doctors could do was put me on antibiotics which my body rejected early on. My immune system got so weak and I was scared for my life.

I was afraid that I would never have a comfortable intimate relationship. 

I was afraid that nobody would want me.

I became insecure and I just stopped dating altogether. 

Chinese Medicine helped me minimize the damp heat in my lower abdomen area and essential oils helped me with the discomfort and feel cleaner.

I knew deep inside that there was something else that was missing apart of my lifestyle. 

This past I found that something. 

Vaginal Steaming.

This is no new thing. Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that is safe, natural and something I am totally familiar with. In fact, There are many references to it's use within TCM ancient and modern texts. 

You can find comfort and reduce the discomfort of fibroids, clots, endometriosis holistically at home or at your local TCM Practitioner's office. 

When I found out about this I quickly decide to get in touch with Keli and get the truth from an expert. I want to know the process, why there is so much argument about a self care treatment that feels so good. 

I encourage you to do your research and discover how to nurture your yoni in the most natural way. 

I was taken by her professionalism and well thought out website where she offers:  

1 on 1 Consulting


Continuing Education

Practitioner Directory

Using essential oils after therapy and in between therapy can promote better all around feeling of comfort. 

Join me for one of my events about Women's Health online live every month. 

I have solutions. 


Take charge of Chronic Muscle Discomfort TCM style

approximately 76.2 million, one in every four Americans, have suffered from  pain  that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute  pain . 

approximately 76.2 million, one in every four Americans, have suffered from pain that lasts longer than 24 hours and millions more suffer from acute pain


I love being in practice at sea. It's such a grand opportunity to tell the world how Chinese Medicine is changing lives, how I am changing lives every day using this medicine that make's westerners scratch their head. I kinda feel like a little Einstein, especially when my patients come down the corridor with a big smile and no feeling of discomfort after the first treatment. 

The number one chief complaint I get on board is muscle discomfort, chronic body discomfort associated with activity or in activity. Chinese Medicine (TCM)  Utilizes a different language to describe imbalance in the body and mind. Then TCM apply's the treatment protocol for each individual symptom.  

Effectively TCM addresses the root cause of an issue using five branches. Herbology is one of those branches. I get the best results when I use essential oils and when I use essential oils on my patients. Essential oils provide an effective tool in between acupuncture visits. 

Soothing Rub and Soothing essential oils is the best solution for muscle discomfort right off the bat. However a more individualized consultation is recommended.  To use this soothing rub you would

  • Apply on feet and knees before and after exercise
  • Perfect for a soothing massage after a long day of house work
  • Apply to hands and feet after gardening
  • Connect with your partner by giving them a massage with the soothing rub
  • Rub the soothing blend on lower back muscles after a day of heavy lifting at work or during a move
  • Massage this soothing blend with a few drops of carrier oil legs before bedtime
  • After long hours on the computer, try rubbing soothing essential oil blend on your fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck
  • A few drops of Soothing Blend diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil can be a part of a cooling and comforting massage after a workout
  • Soothing blend is also perfect after any workout

Apply oil to the point between the thumb and index finger. This is an important point that suppresses pain we call it LI4. 

LI4 suppresses pain. One mandatory point for most patients with chronic discomfort

LI4 suppresses pain. One mandatory point for most patients with chronic discomfort

If you like to have a customized protocol for your personal concerns and like to get my recommendations contact me by email or lets get social.  

If you want to learn more about how to use essential oils for you and your family's health let's get started. 

Why do everything it takes to protect The Liver

So you are probably like, Antonika I know you keep on talking about this liver inside of me. I know I need to eat better and all this stuff, but I really don't understand why.

I get it you want to know what about your liver is so important? So I'm going to tell you what your doctor didn't tell you. 

From a western point of view the liver has a lot of responsibility. It's really important to our system in a number of ways. Keeping it health by eating the right foods and doing regular cleans will keep your liver strong. 

From a Eastern point of view the liver is the storage house for blood. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi and blood in your body. It controls the volume and smooth flow of blood in your vessels and also stores the blood.

Other organs are affected by the smooth flow of Liver energy. Acupro explains it perfectly in this short video.

Both explanations are important to understand. In fact the more you know about this part of your body the easier it is to understand why I love using essential oils as apart of my daily routine. 

Reduce pain and need for opioids with Acupuncture

Many people are told prematurely that they need surgery.

Sometimes it’s a surgical case but often times surgery can be put off for years or a decade. Replacing the parts of your body is not the answer.

Once you do surgery it’s a major trauma to the body not to mention the anesthesia and recovery time.

There is no guarantee that you are even going to get better.

I see all too often patients coming to see me after several surgeries and they still feel terrible.

Even after surgery Acupuncture helps reduce pain and reduce the need for synthetic drugs. 

Have you tried Acupuncture? 

Learn more get my free Ebook The Truth About Chinese Medicine

Increase Life and Longevity Using Kidney 1

I know how muscle tension and discomfort can just wreck one's day. 

I realize that not everyone is ok with needles. That's why there's something for everyone. 

While I was out in LA I really got serious about this RADRoller tool that not only allows one to get deeper into their yoga practice, but it also helps ease muscle tension without using needles.

Developed by an Athlete, I was really surprised about how well thought out this Acupuncture style like concept developed. After all it wasn't create just for Acupuncturist or even by an Acupuncturist. It was created to improve range of motion, massage muscle tension and so much more. 


Julie Wu, short acupuncturist / yogi grabbed my attention. She's this little go getter, articulating anatomical articulation like a pro.

I literally felt I met my mirror image. I met Julie Wu at the LA Yoga Expo and right away I knew that RAD would serve individuals around the world. 

I use all the tools. My most favorite is the Helix roller. It's easy to roll on my back and hit all those back UB points that become tense from standing for hours a day. 

Since my new addiction, I've incorporated the RADrollers into my yoga practice.

My students, oh my students, they love the little massage that comes with this bad boy. Child's pose will never be the same again.  

The raddest thing about Acupuncture is that you don't even have to get needled all the time. 

There's quite a selection of tools. (affiliate link) All of them are easy to travel with. 



Getting into Acupuncture point LU1 point  by putting the green ball under my shoulder. LU1 is treats obstructed lungs. Rarely needled but totally a point worth rolling around on.

After all that rolling around I add a little soothing essential oils for muscle tension after practice.  

This won't be the last time you'll see me talking about this rad tool. Check out their whole collection. I'm in love for sure! 

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