Epigenetics- Why Is It So Important to You


How is it that one could be tested for a gene of a certain disease and never get that disease. Genes can express themselves as disease, or reversal of disease, we have much more control over our genes than we think. Our genes are like a software, we have to turn the software on. We have multiple sets of blueprint in your DNA, depending the choices we make determines the sets of blueprints that our body listens to. Our environment can also influence our genetic code. That’s how we can have the gene and not have symptom of a disease. This is called epigenetic. Epigenetic's is what turns our genes on and off, it’s the study of molecules that turns our DNA code on and off. They determine when where and how much our DNA is used. The study of epigenetic is exploding.

Our genome contains at least 4 million ‘switches’ that are switched on and off by our life experiences and environmental influences. lifestyle behaviors, habits, the food we eat and our physically active can alter the epigenetic markers that sit above our DNA. Not just for our lifetime but for future generations.

It is possible to mute cancer gene by exercising more and eating clean, real food that doesn’t come in plastic. By doing so, this is managing epigenome in a healthy way. How we sleep, manage our stress levels,  consciously eat foods that is nourishing, reduce toxin exposure, alcohol consumption and increase the amount of exercise can all positively change our genetic makeup during early development and throughout our adult life. All of these factors can be assisted with the help of eastern medicine to keep us on track.  In actuality we are not doomed to a life of obesity or even metabolic disorders to say the least. With the help of a holistic health coach, proper regular detoxification and lifestyle changes we can recode the course of our life for generations to come. Stay tuned, I will be releasing my very first PDF on the importance of detoxification soon. 

I suggest reading, “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton for more about how to improve the course of your life and to create the legacy you want to leave behind.