Essential Oils For Nervous System Support

The nervous system is the body’s communication pathways. Nerves send and receive messages that allow us to think, feel, process sensory information, and control movement. The nervous system is also responsible for how we feel and our emotions. Essential oils can help calm the body, generate a positive mood, and support a healthy nervous system. In return helping us learn to manage negative emotions resulting in a well balanced neurological systems.

How does this work?

Dendrites send and receive electrochemical signals across the neural synapse. Dendrites are projections of a neuron that receive signals from other neurons. The transfer of information from one neuron to the other is achieved when there chemical signals and electric impulses.

Essential oils positively promote these electrical impulses to act the way nerves are intended to.

This is our inner space. Our inner world is affected by external factors. These external factors, result in anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, fear, insomnia or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even experiences like Alzheimer's Disease, Bell's Palsy having a concussion, Lou Gehrig Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease or Polyneuropathy.

Special kinds of essential oils support the body in a positive way an assist the uplifting of negative feelings when dealing with these kind of challenges.

I prefer to use essential oils after an Acupuncture treatment and sometimes over the acupuncture point. Essential oils have a nourishing affect on the body and are like herbs. The difference is, essential oils are the essence of the plant and need dilution. Herbs are dried plants used in formula to achieve a specific outcome. Herbs are used in formula or tincture for therapeutic effect.

In this blog I will share with you essential oil suggestions for feelings of self doubt or sadness and that support our nervous system when dealing with challenges. I recommend using essential oils as an adjunct to your current protocol. Oils work synergistic with the body and enhance the body’s healing ability. The oils listed are designed to be applied on the back for best results and can be incorporated in a massage or post spa treatment.

The following suggestions are from a guide called, Symphony of the cells by Boyd Kuhn Truman.

Begin your application with a carrier oil like Fractionated coconut oil close by. I like to dilute my essential oils and also recommend this practice. One drop of oil to one drop of carrier oil is suggested.

Frankincense- Apply frankincense to the base of the neck, shoulders and the feet. This oil sets the foundation of applying all the oils and helps the rest of the oils get to where they need to go. Frankincense has been called, ‘Oil of Truth’. It invites individuals to let go of lower vibrations, likes, deceptions and negativity. This oil helps create a new perspective based on light and truth. (Emotions and Essential oils). It blends well with Myrrh, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage and Melissa oil. Harvested in Africa and known to support the role of a healthy cellular system when used internally. Inhale Frankincense or diffuse to promote feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and wellness.

Thyme - Is the oil of releasing and forgiving. It is a powerful cleansing oil. Thyme can make stagnant feelings rise to the surface, releasing emotions of hate, rage, anger, resentment which cause the heart to be heavy and closed. This oil address a hard heart, resentment and emotional bondage. This oil helps us to open up more to receive forgiveness and love, This oil teaches us to let what doesn't serve us go.

Melissa - Use 3-4 drops of Melissa on the base of the spine. Melissa is the oil of light. Melissa invites others to receive spiritual guidance by reconnecting them with their inner voice. It up-levels the soul, it encourages the heart to keep going and it gives one strength and vitality to the innermost suppressed parts of the heart and soul. Everyone has a spark of divinity within them. With love and attention that spark will grow. This oil ignites one’s true self.

Lemongrass - 3-4 drops on the spine. This oil release the emotions that do not serve us. Lemon is a cleansing oil and helps individuals experience flow emotionally and spiritually. Lemongrass best supports feeling of negative energy keeping the body tight a tense, feelings of holding on to the past causing stress and stagnation and inability to see one's spiritual truth.

AromaTouch- 3-4 drops on the spine. This is a blend of Cypress Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Marjoram Leaf, Basil Leaf, Grapefruit Peel, Lavender Flower essential oils. My GO TO oil for almost all my treatments. All these oils are relaxing and warming for the muscles.

Patchouli-3-4 drops on the spine. This oil brings helps ground an obsessive personality. It calms fears and soothes nervousness. This oils supports those who experience body image distortion. Patchouli assist those who need to feel at peace and be present in their body. Feeling of shame, disconnected, judgment or tension, this oil work well in this protocol.

Bergamot- 2-3 drops on the spine, Bergamot relieves feelings of self judgment and low self esteem. This oil promotes the movement of energy in the neurological system which in turn brings hope. This oil address low self esteem, hopelessness and the feeling of being unloved. It blends well with Cassia and Melissa.

Marjoram - 2-3 drops on the spine. Oil of connection. Marjoram helps others who are unable to trust others. Marjoram teaches us to trust which is the basis for all human relationships. It helps individuals increase their warmth and trust in social situations. This oil heals past wounds and helps one to express their authentic self in a more liberating way.

Peppermint - 2 drops on the spine. This is a very cool oil and body temp will drop. Use sparingly. Peppermint uplifts one who is experiencing self-doubt or sadness. It invigorates the body and it helps bring one out of their emotional state. Peppermint helps others regain the strength needed to face emotionally tough times. It blends well with tangerine, lime, rose and cypress. When the body is feeling heaviness, muddled, this oil works well in this protocol.

Helichrysum 2-3 drops on the spine. Helichrysum helps reduce discomfort. This is a warrior of all oils. It helps one face adversities with strength and courage. It offers hope and feeling of rebirth. Helichrysum assist in Intense pain, anguish, trauma or cut, scrape, scratches or emotional wounds.

Other oils to consider are:


Sandalwood on the bottom of feet and behind ears

Myrrh behind the knee and around liver

Rosemary- behind the neck

White Fir - around the ankles


Patchouli- on the side of the body along the Liver channel



Citrus Bliss

photo credit @smoothiesmixer

photo credit @smoothiesmixer

Deep Blue and deep blue rub on the legs

Omegas nutritional supplement

In Tune on the shoulders

Life Long Vitality Pack daily

Mito 2 Max daily for metabolic support and energy

DDR Prime daily as a preventative and supportive supplement of the nervous system

TerraZyme before or after meals to support the metabolic process

Make one of these smoothies related to your condition to detoxify and purify the body. This list of smoothie comes from Jeff Permack.


Emotions and Essential Oils Reference Guide

Symphony of the cell by Boyd Truman