I admit I’m a Hot Mess🤷🏻‍♀️

...And I like it that way!


So if you are anything like me, have a look at these essential oil styles. They are shirts with essential oil meme. 




True story...🤷🏻‍♀️

OK so I might be always preaching about oils but hey they are freaking awesome. 

So Sarah came up with this really great idea she’s like, ‘Antonika you need some shirts that say I love doTERRA or I am a doTERRA distributor.’

And look at her and I’m like already done that before and I don’t want people thinking I’m like THAT direct sales person.

But then I thought, everybody loves Essential Oils and whoever doesn’t understand the value of direct sales are probably confused anyway. 

I love essential oil’s, but I love selling Essential oils even more! They are tools that are so accessible. I never let my friends buy from a grocery store when I can give them a 25% discount, save them up to 55% a month and be confident in connecting with a health care plan that probably works better than insurance. 


Sarah’s like oh my gosh that’s what you do and that’s your thing. I’m like you know what that’s right so I get on the computer and looking for shirts but shirts that are like really cool and fun to wear and I came across this website called essential oil styles.


I was up till 3 o’clock in the morning rolling on the floor geeking out.

So if you’re secretly an essential oil lover, or you just like to geek out like me on Essential Oils memes, check out this website. Here’s the link

 esseential oil style

Then we’ll both be a ‘ Hot Mess’ 🤪