Healing Foods for Diabetes

Type II diabetes is ramped in the US partly because of the American Diet.


we must be concious of what we eat as we age to prevent long term conditions that lead to the dependency of medication.

Chronic stress affects sugar levels big time. Skullcap and oats calm the nervous system as well as regular excercise to regulate blood sugar levels.

Type II diabetes happens in adulthood and followed by obesity being a high risk factor.   

The pancrease produces insulin but the body forgets how to use it efficiently. High blood sugar can be reversed by diet and weight loss. 

Herbs can help regulate blood sugar, improve digestion and intestinal absorption of nutrients, support circulation and strengthen immunity.

 healing food are:

Apples, avocado, blueberries, grapefruit, lemon, lime, pears, broccoli, artichoke, leafy greens and onions. 

Ideal herbs are cinnimon, clove, coriander, dandelion root, evening primrose oil, garlic, gingerC ginkgo, stevia, turmeric and yarrow.

fish oil, flax seed, legumes, oats, olive oil, pumpkin seed, soy milk, spiraling, tofu, yougart with active bacterial culture all help the healing process and prevent long term complications.