Listening to Music Can Increase Dopamine

Most recently I have embraced the discovery of sound and how it positively influences the dopamine levels in our body.  Everything has a frequency, everything makes a sound even our organs.  The sound of a musical note E or F harmoniously raise the frequency of the Liver. If you love music or play music, have you ever notice what your talent can do for a patient with parkinson's

Listening to music can increase dopamine levels temporarily, but what we’re really looking for is a lasting fulfillment feeling so you can make your daily life enjoyable and productive for your goals. Also, popular music these days is often manufactured in such a way as to prey on your brain’s chemical dependency, making much of music a form of substance addiction.

However, music has been a part of human history since as far as we can see, so its influence on our brain is greatly appreciated. In fact, one of the greatest cultural appreciations throughout history has been music. So, listen to music, but just make sure it’s not the only source of dopamine in your life.

I'm not exactly a musician by Beethoven's standards, however I do play the body as a harp in a way that is unique to any individual.  When I apply my turning forks to the acupuncture points on a patient.  The body hears acoustic sound much differently than overtones. It's the over tones that sing to the cells. 

Here's a short explanation about how Sound Increases Dopamine