One Herb That Change's Your Mood and Improves Digestion


When I’m using essential oils and Chinese Herbal Formulas, they are one in the same. The only difference is, one is an oil (the pure essence of a plant and the other is a dry form). Essential oils are aromatics. Though there are hundreds of them, there are several thousand Chinese Herbs. Chinese herbs are versatile. They can be combined with other herbs to make formulas like blending oils. One herb and essential oil that is found in many formulas to treat several kinds of conditions is an herb called Green Tangerine Peel.

In this blog I will share the difference between the Chinese method of use and the essential oil use.

Green Mandarin has strong actions of promoting flow of qi and soothing liver, breaking qi and dissipating nodulation, so it’s indicated for the treatment of syndrome of liver depression and qi stagnation. For liver qi stagnation due to emotional depression manifested as distending pain in hypochondrium, it is usually combined with the qi-moving and liver-soothing herbs. For breast swelling, hardness and distending pain, green tangerine peel is usually combined with Gua LouJu Ye and Si Gua Luo.

For swelling and pain due to acute mastitis, it is usually combined with the herbs for clearing heat and relieving toxicity, moving qi and dissipating nodulation. For colic of cold type, it is usually combined with the herbs for warming middle energizer and dispersing cold, moving qi and alleviating pain. You might notice that the essential oil has similar ways of promoting an uplifted mood and and supportive of digestive functions.

I like to put the spot light one of dōTERRA’s newest citrus oils, Green Mandarin. I love citrus oils, so you can image how excited I was to hear at Convention we are be adding a new one to our product line. One way I use my citrus oils is by diffusing them.

dōTERRA Green Mandarin is great for creating a soothing and uplifting environment when diffused.

Diffuse with Basil, Sandalwood, Lavender, or Spearmint to experience the positive emotional benefits of these essential oils.

Do you love the sweet smell of citrus fruits? dōTERRA Green Mandarin has a beautiful citrusy, yet slightly sweet and floral aroma that you’ll love. Green Mandarin is not only known for its citrusy scent, but for its soothing properties for the nervous system and can be supportive of healthy digestive function.*


For more information about dōTERRA Green Mandarin, check out its Product Information Page:

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