How Acupuncture Treats PTSD

I come from a legacy of military members. I have a very big heart for service men and women. I feel connected with them in a way that only a military experience can only create.  When I was in the military I suffered from anxiety and depression. It almost took over my life until I discovered Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture changed my life before I thought about doing something that wouldn't have served you or the world. I can relate if you are the one who deals with loneliness, feelings of doubt and helplessness. I know how that feels. 

PTSD is the most common combat disorders along side depression, substance use and other anxiety disorders.  PTSD is an anxiety disorder that includes, re experiencing, avoidance and hyper-arousal.  More than 1.5 Million US troops have deployed overseas since the start of military operation Iraq in 2001.  Over 300,000 suffer from PTSD or other major depression.  PTSD also known as the Invisible Wounds of War cost $5,000-$13,000  for treatment accumulating to $268,000-$408,000 for moderate or severe traumatic brain injury.  

Studies of acupuncture for the treatment of PTSD is limited. However it's been practiced for 5000 years.  It's accumulative treatment with results that have subtile effect the moment one is on the treatment table. Acupuncture is administered by stimulating specific auricular points in the body.  The points are responsible for controlling brain areas that help control nervous function and mitigate stress levels.   Veterans who were relieved of their symptoms experienced reduced depression as well as pain. the improvements are found to be rapid and significant.  

Acupuncture is the most support type of treatment for total body wellness and it does not expose the patient to side effects that accompany allopathic medicine used in psychiatric treatments. A patient can be treated with minimal needles that are thin as a strand of hair. The most known treatment for this kind of condition is done in the ear. Ear acupuncture also known as auricular acupuncture can be stimulated with ear seeds in place of needles or with a painless hand held stem machine often used for treating children. 

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Your body your soul, every molecular structure that makes up your genetic code is purposefully created. Don't let the forces of negative energies rule you. You are much more powerful than that.