Summer Travel Lesson- What years of traveling will teach you

Balcony at the Tiffany House

When it’s just about to be summer, that’s about the best time for my family and I to vacation. We hit some of the most beautiful resorts just before school gets out for summer. This year we opted for a stay at the Tiffany House in Fort Lauderdale. This little gem of a place is tucked away right behind the W on las olas.

We were so impressed by the staff, the cleanliness and all the amenities to include a theatre room where you can login to netflix and watch movies on a big screen. The images you see here are actual photos of our stay.

Vacations with my family are unique. It’s just three of us. We spend time eating new health foods, like the Live Ultimate powders that I am in love with. I set my parents up for all the treatments I can give them.

Aromatouch, Cupping, massage and Acupuncture. By the time our two weeks is over we both go our separate ways for a few months or until we meet again.

Life hasn’t always been like this. Growing up we traveled around the world. My dad got re stationed every four years to a new military base. I was always in a different school since elementary. Traveling has taught me a lot of lessons. For example,

Adopt the life of a minimalist- living a minimalist life makes life easier. You feel lighter, more carefree and you have a sense of freedom. I opt to find a roomie on roomster until my next life adventure. I keep a small storage space with my books, some clothes, a surfboard and other things I use from time to time.

Learn to ask good questions- People around the world are no doubt interesting. I make it a good practice to asks good questions. Asking good questions invokes creativity it invites curiosity and it makes us more approachable. In my experience, I have discovered that most people do want to help you when we know how to as the right question. Most people want to connect with you and there’s nothing like human connection.

Unplug- Unplug from your device. It will serve you well. The world will be there when you get back. I promised myself that I would totally master this social media thing when I left medical school back in 2014. I have been working on how to reach more people, create connections around the world while being an Acupuncturist at sea. Sometimes the most healthiest thing we can do is leave our phone at home on charge. My dad thanked me for this. (Thanks Dad) When we are not on our devices we get to look up and see the sky, we get put our focus on the people around us. Those who are with use are happy to have our full attention.

If there’s anything that I can teach you today, it’s those three things.

Oh and don’t forget to bring your essential oils when you travel. The always come in handy. On this trip I diffused (and yes we travel with a diffuser) Tangerine, eucalyptus and Island Mint. The condo smelt like a spa.

I gave Live Ultimates shrooms formula a try and loved it! We all slept well, had sustainable energy and clarity.

Since mosquitoes love my mom I used lavender and peppermint post bite. Lately, these bichos in South Florida have been super feisty.

My favorite blend this summer has to be tangerine and Island mint (Summer Special Offer). OMG it should be nicknamed, ‘Summer Breeze’.

There’s so many natural products that I love to use by doTerra. The product list is unlimited. If you love oils as much as I do and you know that not all essential oils are created equal that you are in the right place. I can show you how to save big and have a toxic free living experience here.

Know that if you ever cruise, vacation or work with me, you will be well taken care of. Prepare to experience an totally whole new you.

How are you spending your summer days? Let me know in the comments. I love reading all about how you are spending your time this summer.

Want to check out Vacation by owner rentals. Use this link here. I don’t get paid for sending you to them. I just had such a great time with my family with them. I would like for you to have the same experience.

Antonika Chanel