Eastern Approach to Love

This week has been an incredible day at sea. We are on an Irish charter but most of my guest are American. Except for this one special lady. 


She came into my wonderful office at sea with bright eyes and curiosity about how to treat her leg pain. I see leg pain daily, nothing unusual. Infact its the most common condition I see in my field. Within about three days the issue is resolved.  

Our first treatment together was successful, however something strange happened in the moment of her second treatment with me. She was in tears on the table, sobbing. She wasn’t crying because she was in pain. It was a different kind of cry. Something deeper, more emotional. 

I quicky checked my schedule for my next guest and ran back to attend to my guest needs.



I asked, what else is going on. She replied,  

“My husband passed seven months ago. Its strange that I am having a breakdown because I’ve been holding everything together.” 

The body has a funny way of dealing with pain. Infact emotional pain pierces through our physical body and affects The musculoskeletal system. It was clear that moving the physical pain triggered emotional pain. This is the best thing that could happen in a treatment and my guest agreed. 

I love how eastern medicine approaches the body mind and spirit and one entity. They are not seprate but one in the same. 

Healing begins with healing the heart. After I had quickly removed the needles I addresses a new protocol, guided my guest through a breathing meditation.  

Acupuncture pierces the heart, the soul and heals the body in such an elloquent way. With love kindness and hope, when western medicine over medicates us with pills to cover up the pain. 

No matter where we come from, how long the journey or how hard we fall, our soul our spirit needs love just as much as the human living in it.



Aruba 2018

8 Quotes On Human Preserving Health and Energy

Chinese ancient culture is relevant in life today.  The questions that Emperors asked then are questions we seek answers for today. An Emperor of China once asked, 'I am told the people in ancient times could all survive to more than 100 years old, and they were healthy and strong. The people at present time are different. They are not so nimble in action when they are only 50. What is the reason? Is it due to the change of spiritual principles or caused by the artificial behavior of men?

A Taoist master replied with these 15 quote. 

5000yr old ancient practice, performed and experienced by the most highest and privileged individuals in history.  

5000yr old ancient practice, performed and experienced by the most highest and privileged individuals in history.  

  1. Those who knew the way of keeping good health in ancient times always kept their behavior in daily life in accordance with nature.  
  2. When one concentrates his spirit internally and keeps a sound mind how can illness occur? 
  3. Those who have a quiet spirit, their primordial energy will be moderate. They do not seek or admire the material comfortable life of others so they are plain and honest.  
  4. People who are good at prrserving health live quietly and comfortably in the natural environment of the universe. 
  5. Always keep your mind in cheerful mood and contented with your own circumstances. 
  6. Adapt to the behaviors and the change of nature.
  7. Have a quiet and stable mind. 
  8. Master the practice of preserving a good health.