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Everyone always talks about how incredible it is to be in Aviation but nobody everyone will talk about how to get started. Let this be the post of all post that list my opinion about training for Corporate Flight Attendant training in 2018.  If you like to see the world and travel in luxury, than keep reading. If you have been working in the service industry like yachting and find that you are at a dead end in your career, taking your career 50,000 feet might be the next step.

How Did I Get Started In Aviation?


My grandfather was a pilot back in WWII. He would tell me all about his war stories as I was growing up in Washington State. I didn't get to know aircraft until I started my career in the USCG at Air Station Opalocka Miami. I was an Airedale, a junior mechanic and the only female on deck among 150 men. Back in those days women didn't get much respect on the flight deck. Thought It was still a mans world back then, being the only female was the least of my worries, I just wanted to fly. I loved working on the Dolphin HHelicopters that went flew search and rescue missions over South Florida’s Beaches. I loved going up as the 'Duck' for swimmer training.


Even thought I went to medical school for Oriental Medicine my love for fly never went away. After my career on yachts and cruise ships I decided to make a big career transition and circle back around to aviation again. Living in Ft Lauderdale is the perfect stomping ground for getting back into aviation. South Florida is a popular destination for high net worth clients and there more private jet operators in Florida than in any other state.

Finding the right training program was a mission that I am going to save you from.

What's The Difference Between Corporate Aviation and Commercial?

There are major differences between flying on a Business jet and flying commercially.  Business jet cabin attendants, focuses on five star silver service. They anticipating guest needs, being available at a moments notice while looking your best and being nurturing making every flying experience comfortable, safe and unforgettable.  There are a handful of schools that provide training to get your foot in the door. Only one of them has 98% of their graduates flying. I'm going to give you what I know about each of them and my highest recomendation.

1. Beyond and Above- Fort Lauderdale Florida

Beyond and Above is the oldest school in the industry. They run classes once a month at their location close to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Training takes place in the classroom with a few on location walk through. It's a one week course. yet there is no follow through to help graduates get placed on their first aircraft. This was the first course I took and felt that the information could be updated and improved with industry professionals who are directly affiliated with private jets to teach the course.

2. SkyAngels- Los Angeles California

This training facility although very accessable for those living on the west coast, placement on aircraft is not guaranteed. I have followed a few of their graduates on IG. After attempting to communicate with them, I gave up when I never got a reply. LA is expensive no matter what kind of training you do. I think that school does  well because it's THE training for private jet attendants on the west coast.

3. FACTs- West Coast Training Center (WCTC) - Van Nuys, CA (VNY) Midwest Training Center (MWTC) - Dallas, TX (DFW) Northeast Training Center (NETC) - Morristown NJ (MMU)

Business jet pilots get their in flight safety training to FACTs. Every year crew are required to do a reoccurant training. FACTs has  great programs but none that are focused on service which is very imant skill for cabin attendants at entry level. FACTs is the most expensive training around and recommended to take once you are a solid cabin attendant with a charter or private company.

4. Flight Safety- Wichita East - Dallas North - Savannah - Farnborough

Flight Safety is  semisimilar to FACTs training and is also very competitive. It's main focus is safety. It's more ideal to take this course as a reoccurant or to have the company you work for pay for the program. There is no sliver service or five star service training involoved.

5. Davinchi Inflight Training- Fort Lauderdale Florida

If you want to take your service skills to the next level, Davichi is the training you want to have under your belt. This training course is the only Butler training course I have seen in Florida. It's a new school and they are adding courses and qualifications to their curriculum.

6. VVIPIntl- Miami Florida


VVIPIntl Flight Attendant Training is by far the best training that I have experienced. VVIP is a new school and growing fast. Lauren Piers has been around business aviation all her life and has over 10 years flying on every type of business jet there is. I love VVIP because training take place in the field, VVIP gives you a resume template, resume writing coaching, professional head shots and more. VVIP is an agency that does everything they can to get you flying right away. Training consist of sliver service, crew management resources, on jet training, visits to local fix based operators, water safety, on site catering visit and catering all week.  Simulated water ditching experience and special networking events. Lauren is personable, graceful and a strong business woman who has your best interest at heart. I love her and what she is doing for women around the world. Lauren provides top notch training. You will leave training with a team of sisters to help you get in the business from pre flight to post flight. A week after the training I was found myself busy fixing my resume and additional documents to send out to seveal companies I became familiar with through training. Within the first week I landed four flights with one of the worlds billion dollar company.

Are you ready to start your course? For 10% off, mention this blog to Lauren when you call VVIP. 

Follow Simone Carter VVIP Ambassador and her real life story @adore_scarter

Follow Simone Carter VVIP Ambassador and her real life story @adore_scarter

A career in aviation gives me the flexibility to practice Chinese Medicine around the world and further develop my non for profit project. It gives me the capitol to live a comfortable lifestyle and give to humanity without limitations. Are you looking for that kind of freedom? You can book a call with VVIP and qualify for 10% of your training.

Now that you have a brief over view of the best schools in the country. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.