Intestinal Inflammation and How To Identify It

The gut is known as the 'second brain'. It contains nervous system tissue, produces more serotonin and brain neurotransmitter than the brain.  The brain and the stomach are both developed from  the same embryonic tissue.  The intestine and the brain are intimately connected and communicate in the secretion of gastric enzymes, acid, gastric blood flow and the rate of digestion.  When the stomach leaks toxins into the body and the bloodstream, toxins also flow into the brain. How Does This Happen?

Toxic substance irritate the intestinal lining causing inflammation that eventually causes gaps or holes in the intestinal wall. This allows the flow of toxic particles to leak into the bloodstream which causes gaps or holes in your intestinal wall which cause an immune reaction  in the body that creates a cycle of increased intestinal inflammation.  Increased intestinal inflammation is an indication of inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and colitis.  Intestinal inflammation is connected with various autoimmune disease along with depression, anxiety and brain related symptoms.

The use of medications such as birth control, prednisone, antacids and steroids as well as foods that contain gluten, dairy, alcohol, excess sugar, processed food and fast food can cause intestinal inflammation.  Infections such as yeast and bacteria overgrowth, parasitic infections, intestinal virus, hormonal deficiencies of estrogen, progesterone testosterone and thyroid hormones, stroke, brain trauma and brain degeneration can also caused intestinal inflammation. In addition to physical, emotional or chemical stress, which cause an increase in cortisol production by the adrenal glands, cause deterioration of the gut lining, degrees intestinal blood flow and over growth of fungi and bacteria.


Symptoms that are associated with intestinal inflammation are depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, poor memory ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dementia and autism.  Overuse of antibiotic, prescription medication, birth control pills, consumption of fast food, overly processed food, most will have intestinal inflammation to some extent.  People who suffer from autoimmune disease or other chronic inflammatory disease, intestinal inflammation will be present.

Women tend to be more prone to developing intestinal Inflammation. Increased mental, emotional and physical stressors such as raising families doing home chores,  working 9-5 along with taking birth control, antibiotics and medication have lead to intestinal inflammation.  Perhaps this is why many women suffer from anxiety, depression, brain fog and mood swings.

There is Good News

An inexpensive blood test is available to determine if one has intestinal inflammation. 'Gut Restoration' is a program that can heal the digestive track.

Hippocrates said, 'All disease begins in the intestinal track'.


Natural Awakenings July 2012 Women, Autoimmune Disease and the Leaky Gut Connection, Dr. Marianne Beck

The Spleen and Its Function

Spleens (Yin) main function is to assist the Stomach digestion by transporting and transforming (T&T) food essence.  It is the central organ in the production of Qi from the food and drink ingested and the basis for the formation of Blood.  Food Qi produced by the spleen combines with air in the Lungs to form Gathering Qi.  Spleen is referred to as the Granary official from where the five taste are derived.  Spleen Stomach is the center of physiology and pathology.  Irregular diet and overwork injure Stomach and Spleen causing numerous disease. Food enters the Stomach(Yang) the refined part goes to the Liver the excess goes to the sinews. Unrefined part goes to the Heart the excess goes to the blood vessels.  The upper part goes to the Spleen which transports the refined essence upwards to the Lungs.  T&T is crucial to the process of digestion and the production of Qi and Blood.  If this function is impaired poor appetite, bad digestion, abdominal distention and loose stools result.  St36 Zusanli and SP6 Sanyinjiao are effective combinations to tonify Spleen Qi in digestive problems.

Spleen controls the separation and movement of fluids.  The clear part goes up to the lungs to be distributed to the skin and the space between the skin and muscles.  The turbid part goes down where it is further separated. If this is impaired the fluids will not be transformed or transported properly and may accumulate to form Dampness or Phlegm or cause oedema.

Spleen must always be treated where there is dampness, phlegm or oedema.  Dampness impairs the function of transformation and transportation.

The Spleen Stomach is the heart of the middle burner.  They control the movement and direction of Qi in all burners.  Spleen Qi ascends Stomach Qi descends. If descending and acceding movements are impaired the clean Yang does not ascend, refined Qi extracted from food cannot be stored and turbid Qi cannot be excreted.  The Spleen is in charge of  holding the Blood together, It keeps the blood in the vessels. This makes the Spleen the essential organ for the production of both Qi and Blood.  In Menstrual Bleeding the most important organ in making Menstrual Blood are the Kidneys.

Food Qi nourishes all tissues in the body, this refined Qi is transported throughout the body by the Spleen.  If the Spleen Qi is weak the refined Qi can not be transported to the muscles and the person will feel wearty and the muscles will be weak and may atrophy.  The Spleen determines the amount of physical energy a person has.  Tiredness is a common complaint and in these cases Spleen must be tonifed.

Spleen houses the Intellect. It is responsible for applied thinking, studying, memorizing, focusing, concentrating and generating ideas.  Excessive studying mental work and concentration for sustained periods can weaken the Spleen.  Spleen influences our capacity for thinking.  The heart housed the mind but it influences thinking in the sense of being able to think clearly when faced with life problems and it affects long term memory of past events.  Kidney norish the brain and influences  short term memory in everyday life.  Spleen is affected by Pensiveness, it knots Qi. Pensiveness leads to obsessive thoughts.

Remember: Spleen governs the four limbs

Transforms fluid for the stomach

Is the root of Post Heaven Qi

The origin of Birth and Development

Raises the Clear Yang Upward

Loathes Dampness like Dryness

Read Tonifying the Centre and benefiting Qi Decoction by Yi Qi Tang. Identifies how to strengthen the Original Qi by tonifying Stomach and Spleen.

Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Second Edition,  Macicoia

The Spleen and Its Function.

via The Spleen and Its Function.

16 Benefits to using the BioMat

As you probably know... People all around the world are benefiting from the amazing effects of the BioMats infrared, negative ion technology and pure healing amethyst on their body.

With two types of BioMats available

The BioMat Mini and the BioMat Professional

...You might be wondering right now, which one is right for you.

Well... while they're similar, here are the major differences:

BioMat Mini

  • Compact and portable (perfect for those who travel or want to use it at work)
  • 17" x 33" inches and weighs 8.2 pounds
  • Ideal for children and family pets
  • US FDA 510k registered medical device for pain and stress
  • Being shorter than the professional it allows for easy spot treatment on specific areas of the body which are having problems ( joints or muscles )
  • Only $550


BioMat Professional

  • Preferred choice by health practitioners and home users
  • It's full length is Perfect for total body healing and optimal results
  • Full-length 27.56" x 74" pad
  • US FDA 510k registered medical device for pain and stress
  • 3 year warranty and lifetime trade-in option
  • Only $1,450
  • Professional Discount Available

Both allow the user to temperature-calibrate the BioMat to address specific health issues in the body.

...For example

No Heat - This setting is ideal for mood enhancement, mental alertness, mental stimulation and detoxification through the use of the amethyst conduction and ion therapy.

95-104 F Heat - The green settings combats insomnia, deep relaxation, migraine reduction and regeneration of the cells.

113-122 F Heat - The yellow setting encourages relaxation, flexibility, healing of muscles, joints and spinal injuries. Additionally it combats asthma, allergy symptoms, and respiratory problems and stabilizes blood pressure, blood sugar and glandular functions.

131-140 F Heat - The gold setting handles stress, tension, anxiety, increases circulation, improves hormonal balance and increases vitality.

149-159 F Heat - The red setting is perfect for relief of pain, stress, low immunity, flu, cold and low energy. It is ideal for curing jet lag and hangover and it can increase your metabolism, flush fat and cellular waste as well as improve viral, cystic, acidic and endemic malfunctions.

And that is just the beginning...

You will discover that among the many testimonials we receive there are numerous ways in which people are benefiting.

Here are 16 Benefits to using either of the BioMats

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation
  • Improves sleep patterns and reduce insomnia
  • Decreases and eliminates headaches
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases back pain,  joint pain and stiffness
  • Provides warm, soothing pain relief
  • Eliminates toxins in the body
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Alleviates migraines and tension headaches
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Improves immune system function
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Burns calories and controls weight
  • Improves muscle tone and skin quality
  • Stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells

The Power of Negative Ions

An ion is a particle that is electrically charged and they are made in the air we breath.  We can not ignore the effects ions to live a healthy life, our health is dependent on the amount and quality of ions in the air. If we can control the amount of ions in our everyday life, it will have a positive effect on our health. Ions provide the body with energy. One of the important rolls the cells in our body has is the absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste.  If the absorption and elimination of wasted does not take place effectively the body results in adult diseases and cancers occur.  Anemia, allergies, shoulder pain, headaches, constipation, hepatitis, kidney trouble, insomnia, lumbago, neuralgia, gastroenteritis are all caused by an improper amount of ions in the body.

Negative ions purify our blood.  The ions in the calcium and salt in the blood increases and the blood is purified by increasing blood alkalinity.  When the amount of negative ions in the blood is increase the function of the cell is activated and the electrical material exchange speeds up the cell function nutrition is fully absorbed by the cell and waste material is eliminate.  The body's metabolism is increased and the function of the cell is gradually revived.  As the amount of negative ions increase, the Gamma Globulin in the blood increases as a result blood is enriched in protein and antibodies.  Negative ions also balance the autonomic nervous system by helping it develop a stronger resistance to disease.

How are we depleted of negative ions?

Synthetic fabrics decrease negative ions, the calcium in our blood discharges in our urine and our blood become acidified. This causes a nerve disorder that make's us feel tired.  Also the amount of glucose in our blood increases. Our body automatically controls this however  if the system is compromised  various symptoms occur.  Synthetic fabric also decrease the amount of Vitamin C in serum. As a result the resistance of our body is weakened causing stress.  Vitamin C deficiency is also caused by eating too many fast foods and too few fruits and green and yellow vegetables.

The ideal amount of negative ions for our health is 400 to 100 per cubic Centimeter of air.  This number is decreased when we use electrical devices, in constant contact with concrete walls and exposed to everyday pollution.  We experience headaches,  fatigue of or body and mind and insomnia.

the autonomic nervous system controls the internal secretion of hormones that regulate the human body. there is a sympathetic nervous system that increase the energy of the human body.  Sympathetic system keeps these two systems in balance.

A living cell exchanges nutritional and waste

through cell wall. When negative ions decrease the material exchange is slowed.  If negative ions are replenished the cell exchange returns to its normal status, the negative ions vitalize the metabolism of tissue.

The biomat is healing, and a more effective and desirable way to manage our health.

The next time you visit your acupuncturist ask about the biomat. It will change the way you feel and how your body heals.

If you would like to read more about how the biomat works check out my blog about Long Wave Infrared Rays.

Transformation 2012- Making moves into a new mankind

[slideshow] Have you ever questioned humanity? Where is life destine to go? What is a human being what makes it possible for us to function as a life form? What affect would we have if we enhanced ourself with humanity.

This video opens the mind to new views about the life we have lived. Everything that is experienced is interpreted by the brain.  Electromagnetic signals are interpreted by the brain.  We are living in a digitally controlled world. Move away from limiting yourself from what is in organic. We are living in a digital world that enslaves us to think we are controlled.  This video tells us about the ego and what it does to us, the way our right and left side of the brain works.  It shows how we can improve man kind.

There is more to life than the five senses. Because we only use our left brain, we can not imagine life beyond the life we live in now.  With the internet we can visualize this new humanity that has always existed.  The internet has caused us to loose skills in areas of social and interpersonal communication.  It has enhanced our speed of communication, our emotions are blindfolded and disconnects our natural environment.  We are going and going we are immolate a hamster on a wheel and divorcing ourself from nature.

Technology is not the problem it needs to be kept in balanced and use as a service. Trans-humanism is being. The gradual simulation of all life on earth. In the future everything will become intelligent. Or is it already.

Expand into the universe.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exist"-J Edgar Hoover

Now watch the video Transformation 2012-Step back and look

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Chinese Medicine Diagnosis for Hiccup's

Main manifestations for hiccups caused by food retention are, loud hiccups, epigastric and abdominal distention, anorexia, thick stick tongue coating, rolling and forceful pulse. Stagnation of Qi continual hiccups, the attack of hiccups caused by emotional changes or in server cases. Symptoms also include distending pain and chest congestion, hypochondriac pain with think tongue coating, string-taught and forceful pulse.

Cold in Stomach- Hiccup is alleviated by warmth and aggravated by cold, discomfort and pain the epigastrium, preference for warmth. Tongue has a thin white coating and pulse is slow.

Decline of Stomach Qi- Hiccup is low and weak, lassitude, emaciation, light tongue proper, enlarged tongue with teeth marks, thready pulse weak and irregular intermittent pulse.

Click here to view an illustrated version of Hiccup Flow Chart. All content provided by Dr. Tong at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine.