Are you experiencing side effects you never had?



Are you experiencing side effects you never had?

Welcome to experiencing age. I know it's a jagged little pill. Accepting change can be a pain but hey the good news, theirs a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to keep following that light.


I often hear others talk about the meds they are on and then all the side effect that come with it long after they have been taking them. Trust me I've been their. Living with years of chronic UTI infections I couldn't handle anymore antibiotics. My body said enough!

It has been a journey no doubt learning what I can and can not eat and what my body will and will not accept. Their are three things I want you to remember when you feel like you have lost hope.


Eastern Medicine


1.Eastern Medicine is real, it works and you can get relief from it- on periscope teach and show others how this crazy invisible system works. It's not complicated instead it's very elaborate. Eastern medicine looks the symptoms and starts pealing the layers back to get to the root cause. For example,If you are dealing with heat in the body, we elect points that clear hear and nourish. In nature when it's hot, it rains to cool the temperature down. Maybe not is all places, however through adaptation some cultures are more tolerant of heat and adapt to the environment. Observing the change in our body helps us bring the body back into balance.  Would you like to know how to find a physician close to you? Their are over 30000 in the U.S. Who can help you. I can show you just how to find one. But first sign up for my free Guide The Truth About Chinese Medicine. I want you to have the full story before you experience your first treatment.



Natures Choice


2.Natures choice- is available to you in the form of oils, dry herbs and food therapy. Synthetic food and medicine were created to for 1. make money and for 2. to keep you coming back for more. Most TCM physicians end up making their clients better that they don't ever have to come back for months even years later. If you knew how to fix yourself with the right foods and herbal imagine....I take all the guess work out of what supplements to buy and how to get results. At the end of the day what works for you might not work for someone else. To get to the root we got to be specific. I work with people all around the world. Want to give it a try? I invite you to the Qi of Life Holistic Circle on Facebook. Where you can Q&A me about anything and I'll address it in a FB live video.





3. Developing a mindset that's focused on optimal healing is above all else the starting point. You have to know and believe their is a better way, an answer and that the right people are being placed in your path to help you. Get real with your intentions, go to that space and ask God for clarity.  You see Acupuncture isn't Acupuncture without Qigong. You are not you with all the stress and distractions in your life. That's why I created my signature program, Eternal Wellness. Even the Emperors had a physician for a coach to help them understand the meaning of life. I invite you to work with me.


You are created for greatness, not just for existence. You are intricately designed with well over 360 points, more than enough micro systems all designed to align you and to keep you connected to your devine power.

Holistic Medicine or Hoke Pokey


Any holistic approach to health must necessarily include thephysical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient, together with the recognition that all these aspects are intertwined. Each affects the others. The Chinese concept of “Shen” literally translates as “Spirit, God, consciousness, awareness” and includes the spiritual aspects of the patient. Western religious traditions include a similar concept referred to as the “spirit” or “soul.”  Of course, the harmony of the patient’s shen must always be considered when forming a diagnosis and treatment plan. Shen disharmony may be responsible for a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Treatment that includes shen balancing often helps to resolve many issues.

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