How To Determine and Remove Where Emotions are Stored

It's no lie that there exist an energetic filed around us that influences our physical body.  It's no secret that you can tap into it.  This message is for you if you have ever felt anxious, out of place and some times not feeling normal.  Chances are you are more powerful than you think and now is your chance to harness that power that has existed within you for so long. 

It is estimated that 90% of our thoughts are not ours.  We pick up most of these thoughts from the energetic pathologies that are surrounding us in our daily lives.  We get them from other people, places and things. Since our bio-fields connect one of us to the other we are constantly passing these energetic pathologies around:  viruses, flu’s, diseases, trauma’s, shock, negative beingnesses, rot, retention, etc.  These account for most of our excessive thinking.  Imagine a quitter mind.  Ahhhhh…how nice would that be?  Not to mention that the quieter your mind is the easier it is to hear your intuition and thevoice of Spirit.

Energy for Life is an energetic practice that keeps the pathologies off of your physical body while you cleanse them from your energetic bodies.  It is also the best shielding mechanism I’ve ever found.  It’s specific and to the point

If you are an empath or a highly sensitive, intuitive person this course is a must have.  Other people are also affected by those things we all pass around and share but are often unaware of how it affects them.

Watch this video and find out about the power your possess. 

Energy for Life is where you want to go. Join our circle Qi of Life your personal private group to learn more about how energy affects you and how to use essential oils to clear it.