Light and Frequency Influence Disease

What if I told you that obesity, cancer and fertility were more about light than food. Dr. Jack Kruse neurosurgeon uses quantum physics and explains how light and frequency behave in the human body on

Most people believe being well is about food. All foods get broken down into electrons. On the back of every electron in a photon. Photons are light particles. The more we learn about quantum physics we learn that we are true beings of light. Most of this research is disconnected from our current western system. However these principles have been understood since 1923. 

The body posses a huge mitochondria density. The mitochondria is the power plant of the cell. It's the in the nucleus of the human cell. Within the mitochondria there are electrons and protons.  Each electron is connected to protons. Light (protons) is what tells the cells to divide.  

This means you can eat more and exercise less with the Leptin Diet. This diet involves eating a large protein breakfast and sun gazing. The protein sends a message to the micro biome. 

Leptin a master hormone secreted by fat cells. It's secretion is tide to the circadian cycles

This kind of news hasn't hit mainstream medical news because quantum physics is not considered to physiologically affect the human body. Jack Kruse explains this in many ways. 

  'When you put down thoughts that are tied to nature, Anybody can have optimal health.'- Jack Kruse

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