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The Spleen and Its Function

Spleens (Yin) main function is to assist the Stomach digestion by transporting and transforming (T&T) food essence.  It is the central organ in the production of Qi from the food and drink ingested and the basis for the formation of Blood.  Food Qi produced by the spleen combines with air in the Lungs to form Gathering Qi.  Spleen is referred to as the Granary official from where the five taste are derived.  Spleen Stomach is the center of physiology and pathology.  Irregular diet and overwork injure Stomach and Spleen causing numerous disease. Food enters the Stomach(Yang) the refined part goes to the Liver the excess goes to the sinews. Unrefined part goes to the Heart the excess goes to the blood vessels.  The upper part goes to the Spleen which transports the refined essence upwards to the Lungs.  T&T is crucial to the process of digestion and the production of Qi and Blood.  If this function is impaired poor appetite, bad digestion, abdominal distention and loose stools result.  St36 Zusanli and SP6 Sanyinjiao are effective combinations to tonify Spleen Qi in digestive problems.

Spleen controls the separation and movement of fluids.  The clear part goes up to the lungs to be distributed to the skin and the space between the skin and muscles.  The turbid part goes down where it is further separated. If this is impaired the fluids will not be transformed or transported properly and may accumulate to form Dampness or Phlegm or cause oedema.

Spleen must always be treated where there is dampness, phlegm or oedema.  Dampness impairs the function of transformation and transportation.

The Spleen Stomach is the heart of the middle burner.  They control the movement and direction of Qi in all burners.  Spleen Qi ascends Stomach Qi descends. If descending and acceding movements are impaired the clean Yang does not ascend, refined Qi extracted from food cannot be stored and turbid Qi cannot be excreted.  The Spleen is in charge of  holding the Blood together, It keeps the blood in the vessels. This makes the Spleen the essential organ for the production of both Qi and Blood.  In Menstrual Bleeding the most important organ in making Menstrual Blood are the Kidneys.

Food Qi nourishes all tissues in the body, this refined Qi is transported throughout the body by the Spleen.  If the Spleen Qi is weak the refined Qi can not be transported to the muscles and the person will feel wearty and the muscles will be weak and may atrophy.  The Spleen determines the amount of physical energy a person has.  Tiredness is a common complaint and in these cases Spleen must be tonifed.

Spleen houses the Intellect. It is responsible for applied thinking, studying, memorizing, focusing, concentrating and generating ideas.  Excessive studying mental work and concentration for sustained periods can weaken the Spleen.  Spleen influences our capacity for thinking.  The heart housed the mind but it influences thinking in the sense of being able to think clearly when faced with life problems and it affects long term memory of past events.  Kidney norish the brain and influences  short term memory in everyday life.  Spleen is affected by Pensiveness, it knots Qi. Pensiveness leads to obsessive thoughts.

Remember: Spleen governs the four limbs

Transforms fluid for the stomach

Is the root of Post Heaven Qi

The origin of Birth and Development

Raises the Clear Yang Upward

Loathes Dampness like Dryness

Read Tonifying the Centre and benefiting Qi Decoction by Yi Qi Tang. Identifies how to strengthen the Original Qi by tonifying Stomach and Spleen.

Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Second Edition,  Macicoia

The Spleen and Its Function.

via The Spleen and Its Function.

Applied Channel Theory and Spleen Pathology

Chinese Medicine is over 3000 thousand-year-old medicine that has been studied over the years that has helped the population of China thrive for so long. The different modalities practiced have preserved lives in China despite war and famine over the several thousands of years, making China the most populated country in the world.  If we can grasp the concept of how Chinese Medicine works and understand the medicinal properties of over 10000 herbs,  we can eradicate disease by getting back to nature.  But first we must understand the physiology of the body the way the Chinese define it. The Lung and spleen are synergistically involved in the metabolism body fluids and nutrition.  Excess damp that is not metabolized by the lung system reflect singes of Spleen Qi deficiency such ahs fatigue, low appetite edema which are conditions of excess. A lack of dampness in the body will affect the lungs and may cause dry cough or even atrophy disorder.

In Chinese medicine the concept of ‘organ’ s both anatomical and functional, each organ has a number of interrelated physiological functions.  For example the function of transforming dampness moving the qi, maintain the limbs, and storing intent are all interrelated aspects of the spleen ‘organ’.

Each organ Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Kidney and Liver are apart of groupings where each organ has a relationship with each other.  The Spleen is the provider of nutrition,

The Heart gives movement to the blood, the liver stores the blood in the deepest level, and the spleen governs the nutritive blood.  Dampness is a condition where fluid without beneficial qualities accumulates and develops pathology.  For example, a tendency to bruise easily implies a lack of beneficial substance in the blood by the spleen at the capillary level. The most external level of the internal environment is not being maintained. This applies to other dermatological conditions if the spleen fails to nourish the skin. The Tai yin spleen channel is important in treating chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Tai yin is responsible fore transformation of nutrition and dampness, the spleen is involved in removing pathogenic dampness while the spleen is involved in providing nourishing fluids.  Herbs that help remove dampness  and support the Spleen are herbs that are acrid and dry like Bai Zhu (Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhiozoma and Cang zhu (Atractylodis Rhizoma).  There are several different herbs , I will develop that topic in a future blog.

There is an effect of turning on the Spleen Qi.  Spleen Qi is the concept of moving qi moving the act of warming the organ to get the Qi moving.  This happens through respiration, absorbing nourishment, however it can also be achieved by being needled.

Another responsibility of the Spleen is nourishing the muscles when they become weak or atrophied, when they lack of nourishment from the spleen.  Accumulation of dampness in the Spleen can lead to atrophy.  Long term accumulation of dampness leads to the development of phlegm.  The psychic aspect of the Spleen is intent, reflection they are both stored and regulated by the spleen.  Over concentration is a loss of balance that becomes an obsession.  Over thinking leads one to spend more time sitting and less time exercising.  Tranquility and exercise are the basis for healthy thought and release a hormone that makes us feel happier.

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Holistic Medicine or Hoke Pokey


Any holistic approach to health must necessarily include thephysical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient, together with the recognition that all these aspects are intertwined. Each affects the others. The Chinese concept of “Shen” literally translates as “Spirit, God, consciousness, awareness” and includes the spiritual aspects of the patient. Western religious traditions include a similar concept referred to as the “spirit” or “soul.”  Of course, the harmony of the patient’s shen must always be considered when forming a diagnosis and treatment plan. Shen disharmony may be responsible for a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Treatment that includes shen balancing often helps to resolve many issues.

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