Getting Past Scarcity - When money doesn't flow there's something greater around the corner

Have you ever been so broke that you weren't really sure how you were going to make ends meet? What about feeling like everything you are working so hard for is being sucked right out of you? I totally resonate with you. I'm taking a look at MONEY. It seems like a dirty word, like nobody want's to talk about it. The fact of the matter is, money is energy, we can choose to use it wisely or wasted it away on things that created momentum in the direction of our dreams.  

Tony Robins has been my favorite speaker since I was in high school. when I saw this video I remembered why.  Giving even when you don't have enough teaches us to be patient. God has something good coming for you. You are rewarded everyday with your health, life and love. Look past the money, get involved in the lives of others. You will be rewarded with inner strength that results in priceless offer in receiving what you have been giving others for so long.   

Whenever you give it's always going to come back. 

Times like this, I grab peace and balance oil and move towards my fears. You can do it too.