St. Thomas Lilika Effect On Green Smoothie Crazies Like Me


Of all the places I’ve traveled this contract St. Thomas is the winning port. My heart lives here, It’s a little bit of home on an island. One of my favorite place's to visit is  Yacht Haven Grande and this little smoothie bar called Lilika Juice Bar not too far from the cruise ships. Now everyone raves about Barefoot Buddha, it’s a great place to get food but it’s always so busy, packed, wall to wall busy. I've spent a lot of money in their one of a kind boutique. To be outside with a healthy drink in hand next to the water, that's my kind of afternoon. 

Any place near yachts is classy to begin with.   I feel at home when I run into the National Marine office while seeing yachts I’m familiar with and under the shade in at a place that makes green drinks like I make at home. 


Destiny and I talking about why St. Thomas is so special

Destiny and I talking about why St. Thomas is so special

The menu has so many options and they even ask your option of a base (water, almond milk, coconut milk etc). I always get half almond milk and water. The last time I was here I had two green drinks and felt so fresh. St. Thomas is one of those ports where I'm waiting at the gangway to be the first one off the ship. 



In a previous blog called, How I Broke The Rules For A Green Smoothie, I shared that staying healthy and making health choices on a ship sometimes require breaking a few rules. 


The first thing I look for when I’m off the ship is a place where I can add boosters like chia seeds, dates, bee pollen and flax seeds. Ingredients that most people might roll their eyes at but then fall on the floor when I tell them my age. 


Ben and I soaking in the sun after some vegan food and a green drink

Ben and I soaking in the sun after some vegan food and a green drink

If you are in St. Thomas stop by Lilika in Yacht Haven Grand and pick up one of their green drinks. You will feel  energized, accomplished and completely satisfied. 





Who wouldn't want to hang out here? 


Reverse the aging process- Travel


I admit, I've been living under a rock for two years. Partly because of this buring desire to run my home based business so I could live a life of travel. 

The last time I lived out of a suitcase was when I worked on private yachts as a Chief Stewardess back in 2012.

The moment I made the decision to hop in my car, travel cross country with no intentions to ever  return to the old stale life, I literally gained 10 year of my life back. 


Traveling keeps us curious, young and full of laughter. Our mind is stimulated with wonder.  Im creating that life right now.  I took a trip cross country from Fl to LA in late November.

Several epic experienced and stories along my journey makes me crave more.


The first big deal was a nights stay in an Airbnb on Earthship Way in Taos New Mexico. Acupuncture Bishop introduced me to this way of life years ago. 

I'm all about sustainable living and living off grid. Living in an Earthship put all that into perspective. On Earthship Way, one can attend training to build a home


out of recycled materials and dirt making a home look totally one of a kind and perfect for all kind of tempratures.  

In the observatory on Earthship Way

In the observatory on Earthship Way

It took us about four years to visit one. Most importantly we finally did and I'm still convinced this is what I want to build in the next three years. Now I live to share the experience. I can imagine a whole community built this way. I'm convinced it will solve the homeless problem and create more concious living creatures. 


The home makes its own water, has a green house inside, insulated with tires, dirt and glass bottles. Walls made of adobe and geographicly situated to keep the home warm during the night and cool during the day.  


Can't stand the cold? Neither can I, but I love the way snow looks. On the day of arrival we experienced the first snow fall of the year. I was still able to do yoga in some hot pants and stay warm. 

This is what life was like the first day. We almost got my little hot ride  Lexus  CT stuck😳 . 

This is what life was like the first day. We almost got my little hot ride Lexus CT stuck😳 . 

 Set your dreams, your goals and take massive action to achieve them. 

I'm headed back to life at sea. This time practicing Medicine. You can catch up with me on Instagram @chinesemedicinechic