It’s OK To Be Vulnerable


In the past year I could have been in the most vulnerable state of all time. Not the entire year but for a good part of it. You see, I’m an A-Type personality. I set high standards and goals. If you knew me personally you would think that I just want to do everything and that I’ve done just about everything.

Being vulnerable means not being able to carry out normal daily functions. (Which happens when we are experiencing period pain.

Being vulnerable is the most honest thing you can be. It means letting go and being ok with feeling the good and the bad and the not so cool and then...letting others see it too (uff tough for me).

When I hide or deny parts of my life, I’m not being honest with myself or other people.

When your cycle hits consider these tips: 1️⃣When others ask how you are, tell the truth

2️⃣Be honest with yourself

3️⃣Share your passions and your dreams

4️⃣ Set Boundaries and don’t be afraid to cry.

Sometimes that time of the month will do it to us. The more we learn about out body in the Menstural Attunement course the better we understand our power.🤷🏻‍♀️


Don’t walk away from your feelings, walk into the flow and the experience of it.