Discover Essential Oils

Essential oils are the most exciting life-giving substance in the world. More and more many are seeking unadulterated natural ways to support ones well-being and Aromatherapy, used in ancient time is now gaining more credibility as modern science enlightens our understanding. Essential oils are concentrated essence from different types of flowers, fruits, herbs that are distilled for many years all over the world.  Perfumes imitate the natural fragrances and medicinal cleansing properties of essential oils and are in fact the lowest grade of essential oils.  Essential oils are potent with remarkable properties used for thousands of years. There are numerous reference to essential oils in the Bible such as frankincense, myrrh, rosemary and hyssop which are used for the anointing, supporting the immune system and promoting a healthy since of wellbeing.

  • Frankincense contain very high immune stimulating properties. The oldest traditional use of essential oil is for emotional and spiritual purpose. Each oil has a profound effect on the emotional and spiritual body, they enhance brain wave function and improve spiritual awareness and bring about balance to the body.  Rose and rosemary improve memory,
  • Patchouly bring peace and relaxation
  • Ylang Ylang balances male and female emotions
  • Clary Sage balance hormones
  • Sandalwood increases spiritual awareness
  • Chamomile, cinnamon, oregano, thyme and clove strengthen immune system and maintains and supports immune system function.
  • Spruce grounds and creates a sense of security.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils do not remain in the body and leave no toxins behind.  They clean the air by alternating the structure of the molecules that create smells than masking the unwanted odors. When purchasing essential oils I recommend buying only food grade essential oils with supplemental facts. Oils may say that they are 100% pure and essential, however many of inexpensive oils contain constituents and additives that take away from the purity.