Are you interested in honing your mental abilities to a razor-sharp level? Want to boost your athleticism, or are you looking for ways to elevate your healthy lifestyle, adaptogens have so much to offer for everyday well-being. Mushrooms are Adaptogens and are one of today's buzziest super foods, known for their ability to restore skin's youthful glow, increase energy levels, reduce brain fog, keep your hormone levels in check. Mushrooms have been used for health reasons. The Greek warriors used them to gain more strength. Romans nicknamed mushrooms the "Food of the Gods". They are high in nutrients such as

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Holistic Medicine or Hoke Pokey


Any holistic approach to health must necessarily include thephysical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient, together with the recognition that all these aspects are intertwined. Each affects the others. The Chinese concept of “Shen” literally translates as “Spirit, God, consciousness, awareness” and includes the spiritual aspects of the patient. Western religious traditions include a similar concept referred to as the “spirit” or “soul.”  Of course, the harmony of the patient’s shen must always be considered when forming a diagnosis and treatment plan. Shen disharmony may be responsible for a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Treatment that includes shen balancing often helps to resolve many issues.

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