Fire Your Doctor and Hire an Eastern Medicine Practitioner


Are you tired of being sick?

Medical bills on your mind?

Insurance premiums at an all time high?

I'm not a doctor but there are more qualities to treating a patient when it come to working with an Eastern Medicine Practitioner than you think. 

Most of my patients come from around the world. The are lifetime cruisers who live to see the world from their treatment room table.  Every moment that I get to spend with my patients is magical. 

Life at sea is such an interesting life. It's been almost ten months since I started this journey. 

 I knew that I would one day I would have to hire a business strategist to share my talent with the world on a different level, and I did.

To kick off our first session I was instructed to take a personality test and was very surprised by what I found out about myself. 

I'm don't often look too deep into what test say about me, however the results of this test was interesting. This personality test was an eye opener.

I'm an Advocate. Oh, What's that mean? 

An Advocate share a unique combination of traits: though soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in. They are decisive and strong-willed, but will rarely use that energy for personal gain – Advocates will act with creativity, imagination, conviction and sensitivity not to create advantage, but to create balance.

Egalitarianism and karma are very attractive ideas to Advocates, and they tend to believe that nothing would help the world so much as using love and compassion to soften the hearts of tyrants.

I Advocate Chinese Medicine and how it's interecate details are shaping the lives we want to live needle by needle. 


Soften the hearts of tyrants

Soften the hearts of tyrants

How To Be Patient- Meditation isn't What You Think It Is.

Does meditation sound complicated to you? Don’t be discouraged, meditation is a daily practice. It’s a moment to clear our mind, allow thoughts to flow and not stagnate. The help with certain devices can be useful. There are many apps that help us find peace inside. Whatever you choose to use, the secret is frequency. The more you meditate the more ideas can flow, your blood pressure decrease and your nervous system begins to relax. Your thought process is more clear and the things you have been battling become less bothersome. Meditation is taking our focus off of what is holding us back and putting or focus on the present moment.

Meditation is one of the five branches in Chinese medicine. It’s a very important practice and can be practiced with movement. It is considered, exercise of the mind.

I often reflect on books and videos to learn more about the perspective of other’s before me with a much more profound knowledge and experience with meditation. I like to listen to Wayne Dyer How To Meditiate and Ekarte Tolle.

Qi Gong is the most influential exercise especially as we continue to age.

I have used several resources to help me calm my thoughts and bring my focus to the present moment. In this same practice I learn to discern what I allow myself to put my attention on. Distraction is everywhere. Or phones, friends family and work. Time with self, is essential.


6 Hour Tibetan Healing Sounds 6 Hrs

This relaxing Meditation Music is perfect Mindfulness meditation and is influenced by Japanese meditation music, Indian meditation music, Tibetan music and Shamanic music. Some benefits include cleansing the Chakra, opening the Third Eye and increasing transcendental meditation skills.

Use this guide for future reference to help guide you throughout your practice of QiGong and Meditation.

You are a magnificent being created with a great purpose.

Exercise all the tools available to you to achieve optimal health.


Add essential oils before and after your practice too and enjoy the journey. A great blend is




Jasmine Flower

Together this creates a fresh, green herbal scent.

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Calming anxious feelings and essential oils

Coffee Face Scrub in a Jiffy


I have been using a homemade coffee scrub on my face. I am so inspired to share it. Our skin absorbs 60% to 80% of what we put on it. I like to know exactly what I put on my skin. Here is my concoction. Gather all your ingredients like shown here in the picture.

This scrub is thrifty, beneficial for the skin and helps manage problematic skin be caused coffee is loaded with antioxidants.

I up cycle my containers, you can use small glass jars or bph free containers.

I use expresso coffee because it a finer texture

I use expresso coffee because it a finer texture

Add dry ingredients first and mix well. I use about two teaspoons of coffee and one teaspoon of sea salt. 


Use a fine grain sea salt

Use a fine grain sea salt


Mix the dry contents first.  


Add coconut oil. I like the texture to be slightly runny. You can us another kind of food grade oil, however I prefer coconut oil.  


Add your choice of essential oils. I choose these for problematic skin. Three drops of each oil works best for me.



Transfer the solution to another bottle for less mess.