Baltic Cruising Acupuncturist : My Journal

This week the most challenging task is teaching the team how to book my schedule. The reality is, wether you are cruising or working life at sea is hectic with fully booked schedules and 4000 passengers on board communication is key. This is a day in the life of my career at sea.

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Saturate your body with LIFE giving phytochemicals and know the difference

The Egyptians used to make glue by mixing flour with water and stirring it under heat. Hey that's kinda like the way we make bread.  Flour containing foods can create poor thyroid function, slow metabolism and decline immune system.  Save bread for special occasions. 

Most bread use Bromide to treat the flower. 

Consider switching to sprouted flowerless bread. 

Holistic Medicine or Hoke Pokey


Any holistic approach to health must necessarily include thephysical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient, together with the recognition that all these aspects are intertwined. Each affects the others. The Chinese concept of “Shen” literally translates as “Spirit, God, consciousness, awareness” and includes the spiritual aspects of the patient. Western religious traditions include a similar concept referred to as the “spirit” or “soul.”  Of course, the harmony of the patient’s shen must always be considered when forming a diagnosis and treatment plan. Shen disharmony may be responsible for a variety of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Treatment that includes shen balancing often helps to resolve many issues.

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