Essential Oils For Nervous System Support

The nervous system is the body’s communication pathways. Nerves send and receive messages that allow us to think, feel, process sensory information, and control movement. The nervous system is also responsible for how we feel and our emotions. Essential oils can help calm the body, generate a positive mood, and support a healthy nervous system. In return helping us learn to manage negative emotions resulting in a well balanced neurological systems. feeling of self-doubt sadness or emotional wounds, essential oils are a great resources for nervous system support when the body needs a little extra assistance.

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Red Flag: Am I At Risk For Bladder Deficiency?

Red Flag: Am I At Risk For Bladder Deficiency?

Bladder Deficiencies, am I at risk? We often don’t know if we are at risk for bladder cancer. Often times we don’t even know something is wrong until we go in to see the Doctor. There are ways we can maintain health bladder function when we are aware of what is available to us and how to use those tools. With approximately 73,000 cases being diagnosed annually, bladder cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in the U.S. Each year, about 15,000 deaths occur from this disease.

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What You Can Do About Boob Discomfort

If you are anything like me and you haven’t worked out in a while consistently, you have a lot going on and you’ve noticed a little more love around the midline of your body then you will love working out at TruFusion. They have all these new classes like Kettlebell. Most classes are barefoot, the instructors are so motivating and you are guaranteed to sweat. What do you do about the soreness after a good workout?

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Weekly Drop of Wisdom: Loss of Appetite? You Might Need a Break

Weekly Drop of Wisdom: Loss of Appetite? You Might Need a Break

Now just because I write about all these healthy things, doesn’t always mean I do everything right. I too like many of you have ups and downs. My emotional roller coster often times affects my desire to eat. I have noticed that after treating a guest that presents with these similar feelings within a few treatment, appetite returns.

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One Herb That Change's Your Mood and Improves Digestion

One Herb That Change's Your Mood and Improves Digestion

My love for Chinese Medicine and essential oils started simultaneously. It wasn’t until my third year of medical school that I discovered the only difference between herbal formula and essential oils is how they are prepared. As my experience working with herbs developed, I also noticed that accompanying essential oils with my Chinese Medicine practice, I got lasting results and my body would respond quicker to more natural alternatives. There’s never just one way to take care of yourself, its a lifestyle that develops when we give our body the attention it needs. In this blog I share with you a very well known herb that supports digestion and can be found in an essential oil.

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Magnolia Essential Oil From China Ease Anxious Feelings

Magnolia Touch.jpg

Do you ever experience anxious feelings during the winter months and holidays? dōTERRA’s new Magnolia Touch oil has a fruity and floral aroma that eases *anxious feelings and promotes relaxation. I personally love doTERRA Magnolia Touch and it’s light and sweet fragrance. Combined with Fractionated Coconut oil in a roll-on bottle, ’'s easily applicable when you are in need of uplifting.

“Apply to your wrists or bottoms of your feet to create feelings of calmness and relaxation during the hectic holidays. dōTERRA Magnolia Touch is nourishing to the skin, add it to your daily routine to help your skin feel moisturized and smooth. Offer this new oil as a gift to a loved one who may feel overwhelmed and needs comfort during a difficult time.”

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Inspiration Creation: Befriend The Blend

Finding inspiration can be sometimes a little ufff. I put together this blend that works for me. I apply this blend just after I rise, for my morning yoga session. Let me know what you think.

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Clean the Loo with a Bomb


Do you use that blue stuff and a toilet bowl cleaner to clean the loo? Yeah that stuff that just makes a mess, not to mention all the water that splatters out from the brush. I remember those stew days, not exactly fun. There's a new way to clean the loo and it's with a bath bomb.

The recipe is simple using essential oils, baking soda, cornstarch and cleaner concentrate and citric acid. I prefer the cleaner concentrate by because the same method can be used to make dishwasher tabs.

What you need:

1 cup citric acid* 1 cup baking soda ½ cup cornstarch ½ cup oil (almond oil, olive oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, etc.) 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) silicone mold or saran wrap

* citric acid can be found at most major supermarkets in the canning section


1. In a bowl, place citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and oil.

2. Add 8-10 drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice.

Note: Choose an essential oil to best suit your needs. The options are endless. Protective Blend, Melaleuca or purify.

4. Mix well with a spoon or with your hands until a soft dough is formed. It should have the consistency of damp sand. At this point you could also add food coloring, dried herbs, or flower petals to the mixture. If the mixture is too wet, try adding a little more baking soda and cornstarch until the consistency is right.

5. Put the mixture into a silicone mold. Let it sit for at least 24 hours before removing from mold.

6. If you don’t have a silicone mold, you could use cupcake liners or saran wrap to help mold your bath bombs.

7. The bath bombs are ready to use once they are completely dry. To use, just drop them in the tub/shower until they dissolve.

- See more at: I get my oils at 55% off I can show you how. Join and save here.

Living Below Deck


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I would describe my past careers as, very colorful montage of skills and abilities, full of extensive travel. Among the top three careers my dream jobs was to become fluent in yachting on and below deck. I wanted to live an impressive life on a big white boat. I first heard of yachting when I lived in Tenerife Spain. Big boats pulled into Santa Cruz, Tenerife to full on their way to the Mediterranean for the season.  After living in Florida for almost three years, I had no clue Ft. Lauderdale was the yachting capitol of the world, until I came to the end of my Coast Guard career in 2009.

I beat feet back to Ft. Lauderdale took all the required classes and hit the docks running up gang ways, down passerelles across planks to hand over my CV and charm the Captain into hiring me as crew. I got my first big break as a deckhand on Four Aces 184 Bennetti. There were 12 crew and that was a boat I'll never forget. Once I was in the industry it was cake getting on another boat, however I had to prove myself to be the best, turnover rate is high. I finally made my break as a Chief Stewardess on a 130 ft Westport, the time I spent on Mary Alice II was the most amazing experience of my entire career.

As the chief stewardess I was the person ultimately responsible for the interior of the vessel and for providing superior hospitality service to meet the owner’s and guests’ expectations. Charters were long 16 hour days for seven sometimes fourteen days at a time. After three years I soon learned that this high demanding job was just a job and not a career. I quickly need to find an exit strategy that would allow more flexibility in my life. While I was in yachting I frequently visited the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine to get Acupunture treatment in-between boat trips. It wasn't long before I became turned on to holistic medicine and essential oils.

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Oregano Essential Oil use for Kids

Is my neck going to disappear?
Is my neck going to disappear?

Who doesn't like a loud laugh on a Monday morning. I have this great story to share with you. It will make you laugh so hard, you will wish you knew this little boy I'm about to introduce.

You see when I get stories from my friends about how they are using essential oils. This story I am about to share had me laughing so hard. Considering it's source, their is no doubt that anyone could have expected anything less.

I don't have children so I often borrow them from friends. Reef Esser is one of those kids I would borrow. Being around Reef isn't like being around any kid. Since he was a baby in diapers, anything Reef did or say was comical. It's been a few years since then and the humor keeps coming.

Spider bite or rash? That is the question?
Spider bite or rash? That is the question?

Just this week there appeared a red hot mark on reefs leg. It wasn't clear if it were a spider bite or some kind of rash. After much debate on if he should be take to the doctors it was decided to use some essential oils on it to alleviate discomfort.  I'm am an Alternative and Natural Medicine Specialist. I have a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a BA in Health Science from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.  When I here stories like these, the first thing I do is rattle off remedies like some crazy oil lady.  If only you knew what I know, you would be like, 'Doctor? I'm my families DOCTOR' Thank you very much rolling your eyes. Because if you are a mom, you really are a Doctor. Really you are.

I checked in with Reefs mom a day later on the rash/spider bite and the injury was reported to be getting better.  To my surprise there was another story and it involved oregano oil

 For all moms please note that, when using Oregano, Cassia, Cinnamon and Thyme essential oils, they are very hot hot oils. You MUST add either coconut oil or olive oil or any kind of carrier during application. Or your kid might not ever let you come near them again if you got that oil out. Be extremely aware. If any of these hot oils get on the skin grab your coconut oil fast and you will get immediate relief. It's even better when you use a roll on to apply the oregano oil with coconut oil in it. I recommend do terra's coconut oil because it does not clump together in cold temperatures. Reef is doing well and back to being the hilarious kid he will always be.

Food Grade Essential oils are perfectly safe for kids. If you are in doubt always dilute. Oregano oils a powerful antioxidant, to maintain a healthy immune system, supports healthy digestion and used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Especially when one drop is taken daily in a shot glass of water.  Having shared that, use your oils wisely and they will take care of you and your family.

The proceeding statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. These are simply things that have worked for me personally, and my friends. 

If you like to try essential oils visit me at for some samples. Making a difference in your family's healthcare begins with one drop of essential oils.

Antonika Chanel

MA Traditional Chinese Medicine BA Health Science

Hangover Remedy for All My Party People

One of my best girlfriends is a bartender in a very busy club three days a week. I would cringe every time I see her use some kind of syntactic drug. We came up with this brilliant idea. The Hangover Remedy. 2-3 drops of each in a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil In a bath bomb recipe In a spray bottle with distilled water and a drop or two of fractionated coconut oil

In a Shot Glass add one drop of each





before and after consumption and drink responsibly.

Get your collection of oils from my online store because these oils really do work I tried them my self and my bartender friend loves it so much we do DIY classes at Lucky's Tavern in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

What's the difference between my oils and the oils in the store? Oh let me tell you they are totally not the same. I use oils that that stands behind the quality and purity of their product. Food Grade quality standard for essential oils, exceeds industry standards. This means we protect the chemical compound of the plant just as it was produced from the earth. We don’t need to improve upon that. There is more.

"If we have the care, the scientific knowledge, the commitment and the integrity, we can preserve that.” -Dr. David K. Hill, Chief Medical Officer

sources essential oils from a number of growers and distillers from around the world.

Have you ever thought about making some money sharing with others how to use essential oils? Or do you just want to work from home part time. Join the most supportive team on this side of the world. We will show you step by step how to make your dreams come true financially spiritually and physically. Check out the details and work with me Antonika Chanel

Love Potion

love potion

oils stimulate our subconscious, physical and emotional responses

The olfactory nerves (the nerves in the nose) are directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, their stimulation by the aroma of essential oils causes immediate, although perhaps subconscious, physical and emotional responses.

The limbic system of the brain not only controls our drives of hunger, thirst, and sex, but more subtle responses of emotion, memory, creativity, and intuition as well as reproductive cycles. Olfactory membranes contain millions of nerve endings causing the sense of smell to be the most acute of all senses.

Inhaling erotic oils triggers a chain of internal reactions with a wide range of results from the release of endorphins (powerful mood elevating substances) to boosting the immune system. Within the limbic system resides the regulatory mechanism of our highly sensitive inner life, the core of our being. Here is the origin of our sexuality, the impulse of attraction and aversion, motivation and our moods, our memory, and creativity.

Smells work in the limbic system to release neurotransmitters. Encephaline reduces pain, produces pleasant, euphoric sensations, and creates a feeling of well-being. Endorphins also reduce pain, stimulate sexual feelings, and produce a sense of well-being. Serotonin helps relax and calm. PEA (phenylethylamine) the chemical believed to be responsible for the ?rush? felt when falling in love is found in both rose water and chocolate.

The pituitary, also known as the master gland of the endocrine system, is responsible for controlling hormone production of other glands. There is an association between an underactive pituitary gland and a decreased interest in sex. Essential oils have the ability to stimulate the pituitary gland. Erotic oils that stimulate the pituitary and, therefore, are considered an aphrodisiac are clary sage, jasmine, patchouli, and ylang ylang.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are capable of enhancing sexual pleasure or sexual desire. Certain essential oils can be considered aphrodisiacs since they have the potential to affect the circulatory, hormonal, and the nervous systems. The best aphrodisiac will make use of the brain, since this is where the sexual center is located.

A blend of the erogenous, stimulating or calming, and euphoric erotic oils and essential oils for love would make a well-rounded aphrodisiac synergy. Jasmine is the most sought after fragrance in the perfume industry because it has a very erogenous effect on humans. Other oils that have been considered as having aphrodisiac properties are clary sage, black pepper, ginger, fennel, frankincense, geranium, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, patchouli, pine, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

This year I am offering a Free Massage Gift Certificate with Frank Kaptas, Ft. Lauderdale therapist, with any purchase of essential oils for Valentines Day.


Chemicals and Cancer: The President's Cancer Panel

It brings me such satisfaction the more I find information about the all the chemicals that are in our products. What are we going to do about this? I have solutions, if you don't know that chemicals and cancer are related, read this. Nicholas D. Kristof writer for the New York Times wrote, The President’s Cancer Panel is the Mount Everest of the medical mainstream, so it is astonishing to learn that it is poised to join ranks with the organic food movement and declare: chemicals threaten our bodies.

The cancer panel is releasing a landmark 200-page report on Thursday, warning that our lackadaisical approach to regulation may have far-reaching consequences for our health.

I’ve read an advance copy of the report, and it’s an extraordinary document. It calls on America to rethink the way we confront cancer, including much more rigorous regulation of chemicals.

Traditionally, we reduce cancer risks through regular doctor visits, self-examinations and screenings such as mammograms. Eating plant based foods, and making our own cleaning products with essential oils.  The President’s Cancer Panel suggests other eye-opening steps as well, such as giving preference to organic food, checking radon levels in the home and microwaving food in glass containers rather than plastic.

In particular, the report warns about exposures to chemicals during pregnancy, when risk of damage seems to be greatest. Noting that 300 contaminants have been detected in umbilical cord blood of newborn babies, the study warns that: “to a disturbing extent, babies are born ‘pre-polluted.’ ”

It’s striking that this report emerges not from the fringe but from the mission control of mainstream scientific and medical thinking, the President’s Cancer Panel. Established in 1971, this is a group of three distinguished experts who review America’s cancer program and report directly to the president.

One of the seats is now vacant, but the panel members who joined in this report are Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr., an oncologist and professor of surgery at Howard University, and Dr. Margaret Kripke, an immunologist at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Both were originally appointed to the panel by former President George W. Bush.

“We wanted to let people know that we’re concerned, and that they should be concerned,” Professor Leffall told me.

The report blames weak laws, lax enforcement and fragmented authority, as well as the existing regulatory presumption that chemicals are safe unless strong evidence emerges to the contrary.

“Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States have been tested for safety,” the report says. It adds: “Many known or suspected carcinogens are completely unregulated.”

Industry may howl. The food industry has already been fighting legislation in the Senate backed by Dianne Feinstein of California that would ban bisphenol-A, commonly found in plastics and better known as BPA, from food and beverage containers.

Studies of BPA have raised alarm bells for decades, and the evidence is still complex and open to debate. That’s life: In the real world, regulatory decisions usually must be made with ambiguous and conflicting data. The panel’s point is that we should be prudent in such situations, rather than recklessly approving chemicals of uncertain effect.

The President’s Cancer Panel report will give a boost to Senator Feinstein’s efforts. It may also help the prospects of the Safe Chemicals Act, backed by Senator Frank Lautenberg and several colleagues, to improve the safety of chemicals on the market.

Some 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and they include Democrats and Republicans alike. Protecting ourselves and our children from toxins should be an effort that both parties can get behind — if enough members of Congress are willing to put the public interest ahead of corporate interests.

One reason for concern is that some cancers are becoming more common, particularly in children. We don’t know why that is, but the proliferation of chemicals in water, foods, air and household products is widely suspected as a factor. I’m hoping the President’s Cancer Panel report will shine a stronger spotlight on environmental causes of health problems — not only cancer, but perhaps also diabetes, obesity and autism.

For those whose jobs may expose them to chemicals, remove shoes when entering the house and wash work clothes separately from the rest of the laundry.

Filter drinking water.

Store water in glass or stainless steel containers, or in plastics that don’t contain BPA or phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics). Microwave food in ceramic or glass containers.

Give preference to food grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones. Avoid meats that are cooked well-done.

Check radon levels in your home. Radon is a natural source of radiation linked to cancer.

Make your own cleaning products using essential oils. All cleaning products are tons of toxic chemicals coated with fragrance to cover up toxic smells.

I invite you to visit my website, Please also join me on Facebook, watch my  and follow me on Twitter.

Bath Bombs with Essential Oils

DIY:Fizzing Bath Bombs with Essential Oils

resize 11Creating a spa like environment in your home can easily be done using simple household ingredients and essential oils.

Bath bombs are a fun way to add excitement to your senses while enjoying the benefits of essential oils. They are also entertaining to use, and are loved by both kids and adults alike; because really, who doesn’t love a bath that fizzles?!

Even if you don’t have a bathtub, these bath bombs can still be effective in a shower. The water will help dissolve the bath bomb and release the aroma of the essential oils into the steam.

What you need:

resize 1

1 cup citric acid*

1 cup baking soda

½ cup cornstarch

½ cup oil (almond oil, olive oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, etc.)

8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s)

silicone mold or saran wrap

* citric acid can be found at most major supermarkets in the canning section


1. In a bowl, place citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and oil.

resize 2

2. Add 8-10 drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice.

Note: Choose an essential oil to best suit your needs. The options are endless. For relaxation, try Lavender or Serenity. For a mood boost, try Wild Orange, Citrus Bliss, or Grapefruit. For a decongestant, try Eucalyptus or Respiratory Blend.

resize 3

4. Mix well with a spoon or with your hands until a soft dough is formed. It should have the consistency of damp sand. At this point you could also add food coloring, dried herbs, or flower petals to the mixture. If the mixture is too wet, try adding a little more baking soda and cornstarch until the consistency is right.

resize 4

5. Put the mixture into a silicone mold. Let it sit for at least 24 hours before removing from mold.

resize 5

resize 6

6. If you don’t have a silicone mold, you could use cupcake liners or saran wrap to help mold your bath bombs.

resize 7

resize 8

7. The bath bombs are ready to use once they are completely dry. To use, just drop them in the tub/shower until they dissolve.


Bath bombs are excellent gifts for both adults and children. When making for kids, try adding some color to the mixture. Not only will they love when the water changes colors, but will also love the fizz and bubbles from the bath bomb as well.

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101 Uses for Intro Kit Part


101 Uses for the Intro Kit Part: Lemon


As another important member of the Intro Kit, Lemon essential oil is one of our most versatile and widely used oils for its potent properties and powerful aromatics.

Lemon properties and helps promotes health, energy, and purification. Its invigorating and warming aroma will freshen, clean, and energize wherever this essential oil is used.

Check out 34 amazing ways to use Lemon essential oil:

Home Use

1. A Cure for Laundry Neglect. Lemon essential oil takes out ALL odor when you forget and leave your load of laundry in the washer way too long!

2. Tame Oozy, Sappy Trees. Whether the sap is on your carpet, clothes or seeped into your skin, lemon oil is excellent for removing pine gum and tree sap.

3. Stop Grease in its Tracks. You just fixed your bike. Your hands are black and greasy. Soap alone won’t remove the grease, but lemon oil mixed with your soap will. Lemon oil is a great de-greaser!

4. Clean the Disgusting. You can add lemon oil to a spray bottle of water and attack what may be living in your range hood, on your tables, countertops and other surfaces. For some extra chemical-free firepower, a little vinegar is a traditional favorite.

5. Lose the Gas Mask. When you clean the gunky build up in your shower, do you practically have to wear a gas mask to survive the fumes? Go gas mask free and clean with lemon oil. Just a small amount of lemon oil will go a long way in removing hard water build up.

6. Nourish Your Leathers. Whether you ride a Harley in style or cherish the patina of your leather sofa at home, your leathers are not maintenance free. Use a lemon oil soaked cloth to preserve them, and prevent leather from splitting.

7. High Ho Silver. A lemon oil treated cloth is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver or other metals. You may not eat on silver every day, but bracelets, earrings, necklaces often need some love.

8. Deactivate the Sticky. Lemon oil can help you avert a hair cutting crisis the next time you deal with gum in hair. Got kids with obsessive addictions to stickers or temporary tattoos? Works for those too. Not for wide receivers.

9. Love Your Luster. Bring your furniture back to life with lemon oil! Just add a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil for a non-toxic furniture polish. Lemon oil leaves a beautiful shine, prevents fine wood finishes from drying out, and replaces lost moisture in antique woods as it penetrates worn finishes.

10. De-Smudge Your Stainless. You don’t need to hunt down that “single use” stainless steel cleaner anymore. Multi-use lemon oil is great for cleaning stainless steel appliances. You’ll love the way stainless looks and smells!

11. Clean Granite or Porous Stone. What is living in the pores of your natural stone counters or floors? Lemon oil cleans deeply, seeps into stone and leaves you with a “real fresh lemons” aroma, rather than that fake lemon chemical smell.

12. Energize your Brush. If your toothbrush seems a bit tired, add a drop of lemon and peppermint oils to chase away that run-down feeling.

13. Quarantine Pungencies. Moldy kid’s sneakers, a baby’s blowout, potty training … it all adds up to an less than desirable aroma. Diffuse or spray lemon oil and neutralize odors at their source!

14. Take the Spine Out of Scuffs. Got a scuff mark that just won’t go away? Lemon oil lifts scuff marks in remarkable ways!

15. Curtail the Dank, Musty or Mildewed. Things get stored away. Things get old. Things don’t see the light of day. Chase away that “old smell” and inject new energy with a good lemon oil wipe down.

16. Stop Cutting Board Palooza. Cutting boards can harbor germs in your kitchen. Nobody wants to taste the chemicals you have in your cleaning closet, yet most people love the taste of lemon!

17. Control an Aphid Invasion, Naturally. Aphids — those pesky little bugs that dine on your roses and other plants. Lemon oil (or peppermint) with water in a garden spray bottle are a natural pesticide that kills aphids and their larvae on contact, but leave your plants looking lovely.

18. Spot-Free Dishes. Add a few drops of lemon oil to your dishwasher soap container with each load. Your dishes will come out looking like new… spot-free!

19. Refresh Bad Smelling Washcloths. When your kitchen washcloths smell foul and could use a boost, add lemon oil to your detergent, soak overnight, wash, dry and your kitchen will smell so much better!

Cooking & Food

20. Energy Boost. For a quick, refreshing energy boost, combine a couple drops each of lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil in a glass of water and drink up. Add a lemony taste to your bottled water.

21. Zest Up Your Sugary Indulgences. There are an infinite number of ways lemon oil can add a bit of freshness to your sugary savors: Lemon frosting • Lemon merengue • Sour cream lemon pie • Lemon cakes • Lemon tart glaze • Lemon squares • Lemon cookies • Breathtaking, awe-inspiring lemonade

23. Pep Up Your Entrees. With lemon oil, there are countless ways to make the bland zippy, or the blah peppy: Roasted salmon & asparagus with lemon oil, Linguine & shrimp with lemon oil, Lemon oil drizzled over vegetables (especially broccoli), Lemon garlic shrimp … or to add a fresh kick to an already great salad.

24. Preserve What You’ve Got. Use lemon oil in a spray to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving.

Body & Mind


25. Ease Respiratory Gunkity Goop. lemon purifies the air and surfaces, cleans tables and countertops and supports healthy respiratory function. 

27. Honeylicious Hair Highlights …Chemical Free. Skip the expensive salon highlight treatment, and use lemon oil to create your own hair highlights. Just go in the sun after using with your hair product, and it will lighten your hair. Be careful, it works well!

29. Halt the Nervous Nellie, In You. When combined with lavender oil and diffused into a room, you’ll find you feel less anxious, a better mood, more even keel, and well … linear.

30. Clear Thinking & Clear Focus, Made Visible. A clear mind, a clean slate, a fresh outlook. It’s all good. Real good. Diffuse lemon oil and you got it.

32. Nice Mood … No Really. Chase away the moody blues (not the band), with a bit of blah-reducing lemon oil. Whether you choose to diffuse it or apply topically, it’s hard to not improve your outlook with lemon oil around!

33. Was That a Crusty? Next time you notice hard, crusty skin on your feet, (e.g. corns, calluses or bunions) regularly add a few drops of lemon oil and you’ll soon have softened skin!

34. A Brighter Complexion. Lemon oil can help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. For a homemade exfoliant, add 4-5 drops to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub. Feels great!

Cleaning Using Essential Oils

Cleaning Using Essential Oils

Harsh cleaning chemicals can have adverse side affects on you and your family but with essential oils you can know you and the ones you love are safe. With so many essential oils its important to know which ones have cleaning qualities. Here are a few cleaning tips using essential oils:

Surface cleaners: Using a spray bottle with water and a few drops of any citrus essential oil like lemon or a defense blend like my protective blend you can clean your bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Just add a few drops of your dish soap to make a more soapy cleanser. Suggested essential oils: lavender, grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon, thyme, clove, citrus bliss, eucalyptus, protective blend, or melaleuca.

Dishwasher: Place a few drops of essential oils to your dishwasher and clean more than just your dishes!  Some suggested essential oils for your dishwasher: lavender, lemon, melaleuca, or wild orange.

Laundry: Use a few drops of essential oils in your laundry which added a great fresh smell and acts as a powerful cleaner! In every load of laundry use 5 drops of Eucalyptus  to kill dust mites. To enjoy the wonderful smells of essential oils add drops of your favorite oils to dryer sheets.

Floors and carpets: For all non carpeted floors, just add a 1/4 cups of vinegar to a bucket of water.  Then add 5 drops of melaleuca or lemon. Carpet freshener- use ten or more drops of essential oil in a cup of borax powder or baking soda left over night for the powder to absorb the oils. Sprinkle the powder in carpet and then vacuum up.

In general essential oil clean and purify: You can add any of the following oils to your cleaning water: lemon, orange, or peppermint.

Vibrational Frequency and the Energetic Nature of Plant Prana

Plant Prana has become a large interest of mine. It's not just the aromatic scents that are so attractive, but the meaning of their individual vibrational frequency when applied to the body.  Energy in the east is also called Qi or life force. Chi is the energy that is expressed in an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Plant Prana have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. There is a subtle bio-energy that flows through all organic life. It goes by many names and is sometimes referred to as Chi or life force. This energy is expressed as an electromagnetic vibrational frequency – and pure Plant Prana have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance.

What is vibrational frequency? And why do we care about it?

A review of our grade school science lessons reminds us that everything vibrates. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory or periodic motion. Each periodic motion has a frequency (the number of oscillations per second) that can be measured in Hertz. Every element in the Periodic Table has a specific vibratory frequency.

Most plants (and animals) use enzymes to break down molecular components during their life processes. And each of these enzymes has a unique crystalline form with a specific vibratory frequency.

The vibrational frequency of herbs and therapeutic plant life reflects the integrity of these elements and enzymes embodied within its substance –its bio-energy or life force and its original intent. This factors into an oil’s potential therapeutic value.

Measuring Vibrational Frequencies

During his work with plants, soil, and water in his agricultural projects, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology invented and built a machine called a BT3 Frequency Monitoring System. This device – modified and perfected over the years - used a highly sensitive sensor to measure bio-electrical frequencies of plant nutrients, herbs and plant life.

To summarize how it worked - As a Hertzian wave is generated and travels out from its source, it transfers energy to the objects it passes through. The frequency monitor’s sensor measures the nano voltage of that wave, using the predominant frequency in the megahertz range, filtering out the lower and higher ranges. The BT3 measures the composite frequency of the vibratory emissions in electrical voltage – MHz - of the elements and enzymes remaining in the oil.

See - Although Tainio no longer produces the BT3 Monitor for reasons noted on the website, the findings gleaned from his research conducted over the years with this device are remarkable.

For example, here are the average frequencies of some of plant prana that have been measured:

  • Rose (Rosa damascene).....................320 MHz
  • Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)........118 MHz
  • Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)................105 MHz
  • Blue Chamomile (Matricaria recutita).....105 MHz
  • Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma)............98 MHz
  • Aloes/Sandalwood (Santalum album)......96 MHz
  • Angelica (Angelica archangelica)...........85 MHz
  • Peppermint (Mentha peperita)..............78 MHz
  • Galbanum (Ferula gummosa).................56 MHz
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)......................52 MHz


The measured frequencies of plant prank begin at 52 MHz, the frequency of basil prana, and go as high as 320 MHz — the frequency of rose prank. For comparison, fresh produce has a frequency up to 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz, and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz. Processed and canned foods have no measurable frequency whatsoever.

Human Electrical Frequencies and Fields

Dr. Robert O. Becker, in his book The Body Electric, tells us that the human body has an electrical frequency, and also that much about a person's health can be determined by its frequency levels.

In addition to his plant studies, Tainio developed a way to use his machine to measure human electrical vibrational frequency by taking readings on various points of the body and averaging those numbers together. His measurements indicate that the daytime frequency of a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62 to 68 MHz.

Intriguing as Tainio’s research is, its foundation may have been laid in the early years of the 20th century by Dr. Royal R. Rife, M.D. (1888-1971). Dr. Rife conducted research with a machine he developed called a “frequency generator” that applies currents of specific frequencies to the body. He concluded that every disease has a specific frequency.

According to Dr. Rife every cell, tissue and organ has its own vibratory resonance. Working with his frequency generator, he found that specific frequencies would destroy a cancer cell or a virus. His research demonstrated that certain frequencies could prevent the development of disease, and that others would neutralize disease.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist from Stockholm, Sweden, discovered in the early 1980s that, by putting an electrode inside a tumor and running a milliamp of DC current through the electrode, he could dissolve a cancer tumor and stop its growth. He also found that the human body had electropositive and electronegative energy fields.

Studies conducted in 1992 by Tainio Technology, as an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, reinforce the findings of these earlier researchers. Tainio and colleagues determined that when a person's frequency drops below the optimum healthy range, the immune system is compromised. Findings supported by this research indicate that:

  • Human cells can start to change (mutate) when their frequency drops below 62MHz.
  • 58 MHz is the frequency of your body when you have a cold or the flu.
  • When candida is present within your body, you vibrate at a frequency of 55MHz.
  • 52 MHz is the frequency of a body with Epstein-Barr virus present.
  • 42 MHz is the frequency of a body wherein cancer can appear.
  • When the death process begins - the frequency has been measured at 20 MHz.

Effects of Outside Influences on Body Frequency

The study of frequencies raises an important question – how do the frequencies of substances found in our environment affect our personal frequency? Based on his studies, researcher Nikola Tesla said that, if we could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

Pathogens have a low frequency. Pollutants - both particulate and radiation (EMF) - lower a healthy frequency. Processed and canned food having a frequency of zero can greatly diminish a person's own frequency.

Even thoughts and feelings have a vibratory quality that forms a measurable frequency. A negative mental state can lower a person's frequency by 10-12 MHz.

Likewise, a substance or influencing factor - such as thoughts, emotions, and frequency devices - in our internal and external environments can also serve toraise our frequencies. For example, a positive mental attitude, prayer or meditation can raise it by 10-15 MHz.

A substance with a higher frequency can raise a lower frequency due to the principle of entrainment - the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. This principle is key to understanding the effect plant prana can have on our personal electromagnetic frequency.

However, different types of frequencies can have a chaotic or a harmonizing effect on our own systems. When something vibrates at many dissonant frequencies, it produces “chaotic or incoherent frequencies.”

For example, all of the electrical devices in your home – lamps, television, radio, phone, microwave – emit electromagnetic vibrational frequencies. But they use AC (alternating current) electrical frequencies that are incoherent and chaotic. Their effect is to fracture the human electrical field.

By contrast, Dr. Rife’s frequency generator and most naturally occurring substances –including plant prank– have a coherent DC (direct current) frequency which resonates harmoniously with the electrical field of the human body.

The Healing Process and the Subtle Energy Nature of Plant Prana

The human body vibrating within its normal vibratory range between 62 and 68 MHz is considered in a state of health. But energy disturbances in the subtle bodies will actually precede the appearance of disease and illness in the physical body.

The normally harmonious coherent frequencies of the body easily go out of “tune” when a person experiences physical or emotional stress. A blockage of the flow of life energy – characterized by inflammation, irritation and illness – can result. When the human frequency range drops below the norm of 62 megahertz, this is when abnormal processes can begin to develop.

When disease and illness are present, they may manifest as chemical imbalances. But underlying this is an electromagnetic imbalance that has altered the specific vibrational frequencies of molecules, cells, tissues and organs within the body.

Properly “retuning” the body to its original frequency brings it into balance and restores its natural harmonic resonance – illness either doesn’t manifest or is resolved.

Dr. Richard Gerber MD, author of Vibrational Medicine, tells us that one of the best ways we can change dysfunctional patterns in our energy bodies is to administer therapeutic doses of “frequency-specific subtle energy in the form of vibrational medicines.”

And researcher Jim Oschman, PhD, who wrote Energy Medicine, refers to natural substances from the plant kingdom he calls “energetic pharmacology” (as distinguished from chemical pharmacology). Therapeutic grade plant particles produce coherent frequencies that are naturally tuned to the health of our bodies. Pharmaceuticals and synthetic oils do not.

The intention of this healing process is to provide the correct frequency that will bring the body back to a state of coherence, to a state of equilibrium. Terry Friedman, in his book, Freedom Through Health tells us that raising our vibrational frequency aids in “restoring health to the body, clarity to the mind and attunement to the spirit.”

By applying a plant's partial with a particular frequency to the human body – through the principle of entrainment - the oil’s higher frequency will raise the vibratory quality of that individual. When several oils are blended together, each having a different MHz frequency, a frequency will emerge that may be higher or lower than the various components. The therapeutic properties create special vibrational remedies capable of healing or rebalancing the body/mind/soul/spirit.

And because each oil has a specific frequency, and our organs and body systems and the nutrients needed to maintain optimum health each have their specific frequencies, the oil's electrical affinity to these components of our bodies will enhance and support these organs and body systems, and will aid in the assimilation of nutrients.

Plant Prana in the higher frequency ranges tend to influence the emotions. Plant Prana in the lower frequencies have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones, and bones, as well as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Plant's don’t resonate with the toxins in our bodies. This incompatibility is what helps eliminate the toxins from our systems. Neither do they resonate with negative emotions. So they can help dislodge forgotten traumas by surfacing them in our consciousness where we can deal with them and let them go.

“Clinical research shows that plant prana have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. I believe that the chemistry and frequencies of plants have the ability to help man maintain the optimal frequency to the extent that disease cannot exist.”

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Reblog of Raindrop Therapy-By Everything Energy


Raindrop Technique

RAINDROP technique is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine. During the years that it has been practiced, it has resolved numerous cases of scoliosis and kyphosis and eliminated the need for back surgery for thousands of people. Raindrop Technique originated in the 1980s from the research of Dr. Gary Young working with a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. It integrates Vita-flex and massage, utilizing the power of essential oils in bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment.” (from the Essential Oils Desk Reference)

Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of essential oils that are immune enhancing, support the body’s natural defences, as well as the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. These oils, which are high in antioxidants, are also mood elevating and antiseptic, creating an unfavourable environment for harmful viruses and bacteria that can hibernate in the body. Essential oils are known to boost stamina and energy, help you relax, help manage stress and frustration and promote overall health, vitality, and longevity. The principal single oils used include:

  • Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
  • Oregano (Origanum compactum)
  • Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)
  • Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

The oils are dispensed in little drops from a height of about six inches above the back, which is where Raindrop Technique gets its name. They are then massaged along the spine and back muscles. They are also applied to the feet.

The whole process takes about an hour and may continue to work in the body for up to one week following a Raindrop Session, with possible realignment and bodily adjustment taking place during this time.

“Raindrop Technique is not a cure-all or a magic bullet. A healthy balanced body is the result of a well-rounded program of exercise and proper diet. Health is everything we do, say, hear, see, and eat. The Raindrop Technique is only one tool to help restore balance in the body that will result in good health.” (from the “Essential Oils Desk Reference”)

Many professionals, including chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, reflexologists, and certified aromatherapists have found Raindrop and Vitaflex techniques to be an excellent addition to the repertoire of their practices.

The Raindrop Technique Kit combines the history and science of essential oils with the techniques of Vita-Flex and massage in this gentle method of application of essential oils to various areas of the body. This kit provides a revolutionary means of bringing balance and harmony to the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Refer to individual oils/blends for more info.

Contents: 5ml each of Aroma Siez, basil, cypress, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, thyme, Valor and wintergreen essential oils; 114mL Ortho Ease and V6 Massage Oils, free beginner DVD. (Beginner DVD also sold separately)

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More information on Raindrop Technique and Scoliosis

“Reprinted from The Raindrop Messenger, a free eline newsletter, with permission from Dr. David Stewart.  Nov/Dec 2009 – Intuitive Decision Making With Applications in Aromatherapy.  To subscribe or download back issues, visit”

D. Gary Young is the founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils, Inc. He is a pioneer and leading world authority on the cultivation of herbs and the distillation of therapeutic grade essential oils. He is an intuitive healer and scientist. Back in the 1980′s Gary developed a protocol called Raindrop Technique for correcting scoliosis. The technique employs seven different species of single essential oils, two essential blends, and a massage oil which are applied to the feet and/or spine. Most of the oils used in Raindrop Technique are highly antimicrobial. Gary conceived and devised the technique on the idea that scoliosis can be caused by viruses hibernating along the spine and that application of antimicrobial oils would kill the viruses and facilitate a correction in the spinal misalignment.

At the time, there was no scientific research to corroborate his theory. Even though thousands of people received Raindrop Technique over the next decade whose scoliosis was corrected through the procedure, Young was criticized and ridiculed by aromatherapists, scientists, and medical authorities for espousing an “unproven theory.” Despite the professional disapproval and lack of scientific corroboration, Young stuck unwaveringly to his intuitive conviction. Approximately 15 years after he first articulated his theory and protocol to address scoliosis as a viral disease, he was proven right. Scientific research eventually emerged that showed, indeed, that there were viruses residing along the spines of many who suffer from scoliosis and that it was a primary causal agent.

Young Living Essential Oils

The safety and life-changing effects of essential oils are dependent entirely on their purity and their quality.   Young Living has made its mission to provide you with the very best, independently tested essential oils.

“To be able to certify completely the high grade of his oils, Gary has taken the ultimate step: he has developed his own farms and his own distillation techniques to guarantee the top quality he seeks” …. Dr Daniel Peneol (co-author of “L’Aromatherapie Exactement”, the most extensive medical encyclopedia ever published about essential oils).

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A link to the DVD on Raindrop Technique – if a practitioner doesn’t live nearby it’s easy enough for anyone to learn to do it themselves following along with DVD.