Stimulate Optimal Healing and Improve Your Health in Five Minutes

Isn't it time the world takes a chill pill?  Well maybe they didn't get the memo. I want to focus on YOU right now.  You can change the world with a simple simple tool that YOU have always had. 

If you haven't heard, changing your perception will improve your health.  Now I'm no expert on staying calm, actually I used to be the most frantic person anyone could ever know. I would stress just about everything. Of course with time I learned quite a few lessons. In a previous post How Acupuncture Treats PTSD I shared with you a little bit about my military experience.  In Observation of Health Awareness month I want to share with you five ways that have helped me heal mentally. 

I read about how other people have changed their life and the practices that have helped them along the way. The tip I'm about to share with you comes from one of my most favorite life changing individuals, Elise Lininger.

Spoil Yourself. I'm going to be honest with you, I am so stubborn. Born in the constellation Taurus and completely the bull headed like the stars alined. One think I love love love is to treat myself. It doesn't matter what small accomplishment you have made, you deserve to reward yourself with something that will raise your vibration. What I mean by that is, do something that will make you feel good! Sunflowers, an essential oil bath, a delicious meal, a new pair of shoes. These little treats to self stimulate dopamine in your brain and that feel good chemical that triggers off neurotransmitters. You brain gets happy. Discomfort melts away. Feelings of doubt and disbelief are the furthest from your mind. 

An Oil Tip: Just before you step out try a little uplifting oil. The kind that promotes feeling of optimism, cheerfulness and happiness. The one that counteracts negative emotions and feeling down blue or low.

Acupuncture Point: There's this point right in between your eyebrows. It's called Yintag. Put a drop of oil just there and go spoil yourself. 

Food Therapy Tip: Foods that calm your shen and keep you from going postal are the ones that cool your temperature down. Snack on watermelon or throw that baby in the blender and make up a juice. Who doesn't like watermelon juice? 

Tea Tip: With in the Chinese culture there's a tea for EVERYTHING. Relax with some roman chamomile tea and a drop of wild orange oil. mmmmm doesn't that sound nice. 

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I love you my friend, Thank you for stopping by. 

The Universe is Within YOU, Diffuse Abundantly