There isn't any thing more exciting to me right now, than all the advanced technology that is being released. The digital age is getting more exciting. The more I observe, the more amused I become at how the medical field is evolving. I know that if I had not gone to medical school myself, I probably would have become a computer geek. 

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Digital Health Miami Discuss The Efficacy of Health Apps

Health apps

What if you need your prescription filled forgot what to do. How do you take your prescription? How do you remember what interactions certain drugs have when you are given a long list of contraindications and side effects? Now  days you can go home with an app that reminds you when your refill is needed and a list of drug interactions with it. These have been called mhealth Apps and already being used by doctors and patients. 

Mobile apps have created the most impressive changes to the consumers experience. New apps are revolutionizing the healthcare system. Seven apps are in their first generation and four apps have already been launched.  Location Intelligence and Drone Response are two new apps Marendra Kini MD, MHA,  CEO of Miami Children's Health System spoke about at the Startupbootcamp Digital Health Launch Party at the Buildingco workspace in Miami.   

Location Intelligence-  uses tracking to drive efficiency work flow and limit risk. For example, a two dimensional wrist band with bluetooth technology that links to a patients medical record and sends notification to the location when there is a problems recognized.  In that moment of urgency that is when one decides to do something about the problem.  

Drone Response- Consider a drone that can bring emergency supplies and instruction to people in hard to locate environments like the Amazon, an emergency on the top of a building or .  How is a vehicle going to get to you? A completely configured drone with specific packages that can independently get to you.  If that drone has to cameras this will give the doctor command to deliver instruction in an emergency. Narendra Kini is working with developers who build the network and the technology with partners  to provide protocols for emergency assistance in the most remote areas. 

The possibilities are endless and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for the accelerator program to get their company on the fast track. is thriving in Europe and breaking ground in Miami.