Becoming A Better Yoga Student Means...

 Becoming A Better Yoga Student Means...

learning yoga through an intense training is taking the time to learn more about yourself. It’s taking the time to peel back the layers of stress to find your core, your center. Then it become a practice you take with you. You might want to share it with the world. Most importantly, your connection with your creator become a sacred time and space that you can’t live without.

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Understanding your Cycle for Millennials


Antonika Chanel LA.c

Antonika Chanel LA.c

One in five women bleed so heavily during their periods that they have to put their normal lives on hold just to deal with the heavy blood flow.

Bleeding is considered heavy if it interferes with normal activities. Blood loss during a normal menstrual period is about 5 tablespoons, but if you have heavy menstrual bleeding, you may bleed as much as 10 to 25 times that amount each month. You may have to change a tampon or pad every hour, for example, instead of three or four times a day.

Heavy menstrual bleeding can be common at various stages of your life—during your teen years when you first begin to menstruate and in your late 40s or early 50s, as you get closer to menopause. 

A few oils that help soothe the discomfort are Womens Blend whisper and Montly Blend Clary Calm.  


More over, the way we are understanding our menses and cycle is changing the way we feel and think about ourself. Kris LA.c and course creator of Feminine Cycle 101 express how sacred our cycle is. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Looks at our cycles in a different way. The time from the start of your period to the start of the next one. It is a view that is guided by nature, Daoist principles and yin/yang theory. These principles are based on eating and living according to the rhythms of the seasons and your body’s own unique qualities, which leads to greater health and balance. By being mindful of how your cycle’s rhythms mirror the ebb and flow of the natural world, you can achieve a deeper, more intuitive understanding of your body.

According to NY Chi Acupuncture. 

Enroll, understand what you body is telling you by learning about your cycle from Kris. It’s no secret and natrually we can evolve through our cycles mor organicly without all the painful mess. 

 Feminine Cycle 101



 Join the discussion on how Chinese Medicine explains how using essential oils are a great option for a more natural solution during that time of the month. 


Phyt- The NEXT Digital Health APP Including Holistic Medicine Features


Apps are becoming more sophisticated. They are providing us with the opportunity to do more anywhere. I suspect their will be a massive explosion of digital health applications within the next five years. Starting with one that caught my eye. I first learned about SirenMD, an application that allows doctors to send notes through a secure application regarding patients treatment not matter where the patients go, their diagnostic test, x ray, MRI scans can all be viewed by any doctor anywhere in the world providing special granted access and protected by HIPPA Privacy. An app that both patients and physicians and other healthcare professionals can use is on the rise.

Have you heard of having your own Holistic Coach on the Go? Phyt.GURU app will be just that and more. Phyt.GURU is an application that will incompass many features and cater to a wide audience.   Founder and CEO Darren Beck has been developing his vision for a complete fitness app for many years. It has taken a team of code writes and developers to make this project a success. Phyt.GURU is already in their first phase of and nearly ready to go on the market. Phyt.GURU is loaded with responsive and interactive features that will fit anyone's fitness needs. Their features will include:

  • Traditional Personal Training
  • Private Sports Instruction
  • Adaptive Fitness
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Nutrition and Wellness Coaches
  • Corporate Fitness and Wellness 

It won't matter where you are in the world you will be able to access several courses, classes be motivated, and inspired to live your best life now. The app will even include classes on eastern medicine modalities so patients are educated before their first acupuncture visit. 

There is much more involved but you'll have to wait till it launch later this year. Visit perhaps this will be one of the leading apps that will compete among SocialMediaBootcamp Digital Health Hub, and line up with modern medicine apps that are currently being developed and launched later this year.