Two Ways to Find Stability & Balanced Mental Health



Feeling a little anxious from time to time? 

Sometimes feeling little a down can change how we want to continue with the day.

College students are struggling with feelings of anxiety and low mood. Everywhere you turn these days, it seems, people are struggling with their mental health. I find that I need to do something about it. 

Nearly one in five (19 percent) U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness

One in 24 (4.1 percent) has a serious mental illness

One in 12 (8.5 percent) has a substance use disorder

Mental illness is treatable with Chinese Medicine and essential oils can support any existing practices you are currently using. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotional strains can cause Liver Qi Stagnation, which can attack the Spleen hampering the production of Qi and Blood.  This lack of Qi and Blood fails to properly nourish the Heart and Mind and causes depression. Liver Qi Stagnation can also easily cause Blood stasis, which also leads to a failure to properly nourish the Heart and Mind and causes depression.

When noticing that my patients feel anxious Balance essential oil blend help promote a feeling of calm and collectedness.  

If I'm in a rush and have a big day ahead of me I use essential oils to help me relax my mind along with a meditative practice that I learned from my coach Ami at Self Discovery Life Mastery

I feel grounded and focused when I use Balance essential oil topically just before get into my positive mental awareness state. 

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Would you like a lifestyle consultation and learn how to use these oils to transform and live a healthier life? 

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The bills are stacking up, its raining outside. You feel like nobody cares about you or the situation you are in. You are worried about your health or maybe your not.  In general things could be better.  Errrrr rewind!! Did you happen to read my last post Stimulate Optimal Healing and Improve your Health in Five Minutes. I touched on the therapeutic effects of treating your self and changing the perception in which we see things.  

My friend cluttering the mind with anything other than the things that make you happy is a waste of time that does not serve you. So let me introduce you to Meditation with a Smile. It's simple practice and can be done anytime any day, while you are driving, walking the dog or just after a heated discussion. 

As I kid I was consistently grounded, in trouble, couldn't go out with friends the whole nine yards.  I predominately wore a sad face. When I finally got on my own I wanted to make it a mission to change that. For some reason that sad face just followed me around like the grim ripper. Until one day I took a look at who I was and what I was doing. I actually just asked myself, 'What do I want?'.  Can you believe it I just wanted to be happy! I wanted to laugh till my stomach hurt and until I couldn't contain myself.  So I started to look at what makes me happy.

Elise Lininger once wrote, 'Let your future joy be your present contentment!' Oh that was confirmation. Just two weeks prior I had started writing in a Journal called Gratitude. I would list everything I am grateful for as if I already had it.  I write in that journal today and I write with a smile. Do you know what smiling does for you! Well besides make more wrinkles it's contagious, it lightens up the room, it's inviting and it calms one down. 

Cheeezeeee it up. Smiling signals the brain that you desire happiness and you are willing to do what it take to get it.  Think of the things you are grateful for, write them down. Every thought and word you say and write is an act of manifestation.  If you haven't heard me say it before, you are a magnificent mathematical equation that can not be duplicated, recreated or fabricated. Positive thoughts carry you throughout your day. The more you do this the more you will feel better about your day. 

For more happiness daily I'll drink a drop of wild orange in my water. Wild orange helps reduce stress and up lift a bad mood.  I put it on the bottom of my feet too to help prepare myself for the day. Diffusing helps bring my mood up to especially when I mix in lemon, lemongrass and bergamot.  I'll even add it to my dryer balls to make laundry something to look forward to. 

An old Chinese daoist once said, 'When one is weary and tired in both body and spirit, one is exhausted and should consume sweet taste'. Treat yourself to some delicious strawberries, mangos or fruit to cheer you up.