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I know how muscle tension and discomfort can just wreck one's day. 

I realize that not everyone is ok with needles. That's why there's something for everyone. 

While I was out in LA I really got serious about this RADRoller tool that not only allows one to get deeper into their yoga practice, but it also helps ease muscle tension without using needles.

Developed by an Athlete, I was really surprised about how well thought out this Acupuncture style like concept developed. After all it wasn't create just for Acupuncturist or even by an Acupuncturist. It was created to improve range of motion, massage muscle tension and so much more. 


Julie Wu, short acupuncturist / yogi grabbed my attention. She's this little go getter, articulating anatomical articulation like a pro.

I literally felt I met my mirror image. I met Julie Wu at the LA Yoga Expo and right away I knew that RAD would serve individuals around the world. 

I use all the tools. My most favorite is the Helix roller. It's easy to roll on my back and hit all those back UB points that become tense from standing for hours a day. 

Since my new addiction, I've incorporated the RADrollers into my yoga practice.

My students, oh my students, they love the little massage that comes with this bad boy. Child's pose will never be the same again.  

The raddest thing about Acupuncture is that you don't even have to get needled all the time. 

There's quite a selection of tools. (affiliate link) All of them are easy to travel with. 



Getting into Acupuncture point LU1 point  by putting the green ball under my shoulder. LU1 is treats obstructed lungs. Rarely needled but totally a point worth rolling around on.

After all that rolling around I add a little soothing essential oils for muscle tension after practice.  

This won't be the last time you'll see me talking about this rad tool. Check out their whole collection. I'm in love for sure! 

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