Transformation 2012- Making moves into a new mankind

[slideshow] Have you ever questioned humanity? Where is life destine to go? What is a human being what makes it possible for us to function as a life form? What affect would we have if we enhanced ourself with humanity.

This video opens the mind to new views about the life we have lived. Everything that is experienced is interpreted by the brain.  Electromagnetic signals are interpreted by the brain.  We are living in a digitally controlled world. Move away from limiting yourself from what is in organic. We are living in a digital world that enslaves us to think we are controlled.  This video tells us about the ego and what it does to us, the way our right and left side of the brain works.  It shows how we can improve man kind.

There is more to life than the five senses. Because we only use our left brain, we can not imagine life beyond the life we live in now.  With the internet we can visualize this new humanity that has always existed.  The internet has caused us to loose skills in areas of social and interpersonal communication.  It has enhanced our speed of communication, our emotions are blindfolded and disconnects our natural environment.  We are going and going we are immolate a hamster on a wheel and divorcing ourself from nature.

Technology is not the problem it needs to be kept in balanced and use as a service. Trans-humanism is being. The gradual simulation of all life on earth. In the future everything will become intelligent. Or is it already.

Expand into the universe.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exist"-J Edgar Hoover

Now watch the video Transformation 2012-Step back and look

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