Breakthrough the Challenge Associated With Women's Health Naturally

I was sick from the very first period I had at 12. Vomiting, curled up in pain, missing school for days. Says Megan.

No one ever thought to do anything.

When I became a massage therapist at 18 a client of mine had endometriosis and I felt like I was hearing my own story when she described what was going on.


At this point I had experienced an ovarian cyst that had ruptured shortly before I met this person so I did have a GYN.

They dismissed my questions about endometriosis whenever I asked. Just kept saying I was too young.


So at 20 I got pregnant and at 11 weeks miscarried. Totally not planned and now in hindsight probably a blessing.

Not that I’m proud of this but I had the same partners for extended relationships so I didn’t use condoms. That I only got pregnant once at age 15 when I became sexually active and 28 when I had my first surgery. It should have been a clear sign something was very wrong.



At 28 they finally scheduled me for laparoscopic surgery that turned into a laparotomy because there was so much scar tissue encasing my uterus and left ovary. The only reason the Dr. didn’t do a hysterectomy then was because she thought I might be able to get pregnant.

I did have 2 more miscarriages from IUIs but after that surgery they realized the reason I kept miscarrying earlier each time was that my uterus couldn’t stretch past a certain size because of the scar tissue.


The last 3 years though were pretty bad. I was on continuous birth control so that I didn’t get a period, I was doing Acupuncture 1-2x/ week. And alternating shao fu zhu you tang with another Endo formula (drawing a blank) and I had fibroids and adenomyosis at that point. So my uterus was the size of someone 6 months pregnant.

BUT my best friend and I had our surgeries almost the same time and she was WAY worse than me. She wouldn’t let me treat her. So they had to cut her from her Xyphoid process to her pubic bone. And her uterus was the size of someone 8 months pregnant.

The did my hysterectomy vaginally but then they tore my bladder because the uterus was attached to the bladder and they didn’t realize they tore it during the surgery. So 2 days later I had to have a second surgery cut navel to pubic bone to repair the torn bladder and ureter.


I had to have the emergency hysterectomy because the western meds just stopped working one day and I hemorrhage’s for 2 weeks. I was almost dead when they rushed me to the ER to start blood transfusions.



I truly believe without the acu and herbs, my issues would have been worse. 




Can you imagine the pain? Does this sound like you? or someone you know? Let me be the one to tell you that your pain ends here. Now and forever.

You don’t have to be that girl, but you probably have felt like her. You are coded for power, that power is rooted in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle.

Our menstrual cycle is the blueprint, the intelligence of who you you are at your highest and and your best.

What your monthly cycle is telling you is not all about hormones. Most women struggle with menstrual problems such as period pain and PMS at some point in their lives, and many do not find sufficient relief by focusing solely on hormonal balance or covering up the symptoms. Often, the primary cause is inflammation, which not only affects menstruation, but has an effects on your overall health. 

Menstrual Attunement is an ecourse that is go at your own pace. You join a private facebook group where you can share your thoughts, experiences and questions in private. It’s women who know that they deserve better than to “put up with it” every month. You may want to do this ecourse for yourself, a loved one, or because you want a more natural options to caring for yourself.

I invite you to watch our previously recorded live event with Adrienne @moonessenceme. Adrienne gives her account with endometriosis and what helped her get past this experience without the use of synthetic medication.