When was it ok to allow ourselves to be shamed because of our cycle?


When was it ok to allow ourselves to be shamed because of our cycle?

Why are men and boys so unaware of what it means to have a cycle?

Why is it so gross?

My dad would say, ‘TMI’ to much information. I know he’s just joking but really?! @paulinaprana fearlessly shares her connection with her moon cycle and how we should embrace and harness the relationship with our body. She radically illustrates the sacredness and the connectedness with mother nature on her journey living in Hawaii.

The womb is a powerful place, its home, its sacred its a garden of love that ebbs and flows with the moon.

Consider shifting from tampons to reducing your carbon footprint and use a cup. Then observe the the color the texture the characteristics of your flow.

It's all about flowing with your cycles and rhythms for the best outcome...vitality and longevity.

Fearlessly and passionately love your body by learning its vital signs.


Passion, what’s passion?

It’s the spark the rekindle excitement in your life. It’s feeling of butterfly’s in your belly. The essence of Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom clove all invigorating oils that promote circulation, stimulating brain waves and our pineal gland. Plants are our greatest teach teacher.

Passion ignite libido, its stimulating and gives us that feeling of ‘ Yeahhh I’m Fearless AF’ when our cycle is scanty or irregular thats your body telling you to stop stressing, your body is holding on when your heart just wants to let go.

When I was in competition mode for figure and bodybuilding I didn’t have my cycle for three months.

My body was screaming at me 😱, I thought I was doing myself good by working hard at creating the perfect body.


What passion oil does for me:

Helps improve blood flow

Stimulates libido

Helps reduce tension when I’m on my cycle

When I’m bleeding heavy, it helps improve flow. When I’m scanty it helps promote circulation. When I’m feeling sluggish it perks me up.

Are you craving to learn more about this taboo menses all women have and experience? Body literacy & fluency is a cornerstone of what I have begun to focus on in my teachings. Once we gain an understanding of their rhythms and particular needs, you'll have this amazing ability to access the most profound medicine within. Your body knows how to heal. We just need to learn about how to release and access it's own healing abilities.

I invite you to join me this season online where we can learn and discuss together what it means from an eastern and western perspective to have a cycle. The ecourse is one of a kind. You will walk away with

  • An understanding of how your menstrual cycle is tied to nature

  • An understanding of your 4 phases and inner seasons

  • Best practices for each phase

  • How to sync with your cycle for optimum health, vitality & abundance

What is your passion? I love reading your comments tell me here. Find me on Instagram. I like to know more about you too leave your handle here in the comments.

Photo @fearless.fem

Photo @fearless.fem