Chinese Medicine 101


You get that health doesn’t come from a bottle. So you eat clean and exercise. You get acupuncture, do yoga, or practice qi gong because you know you’re not just a sack of meat, but a dynamic field of energy.

You’re curious about your subtle body, your constitutional type, the body-mind connection, and the energetics of food.

You suspect that there’s a boatload of wisdom hidden within Chinese Medicine, but when you’ve tried reading up on it, you find vague, dumbed-down references to “balance” and then run into an impenetrable wall of jargon. Andmaking sense of 3000-year-old tradition can seem daunting without a guide.

The Basics of Chinese Medicine: Your Inner Ecosystem is an 8-week learn-from-anywhere course that will demystify acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Start anytime, anywhere.

You’ll see yourself, the people in your life, and the world in a new way, so you can make more medicinal choices.