Becoming An Acupuncturist Never Dawned On Me, I Had No Idea What Chinese Medicine Was


I knew this would be my future in that moment

For many years, I experienced extreme discomfort and pain . I was terrified that I wouldn't be able to afford healthcare, so That’s when I decided on a military career in the United States Coast Guard. 


Five years of yachting came to a screeching halt

After eight years, of service, I still wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do and still lived with the same discomfort but with skin conditions and a weakened immune system. I thought it was just related to stress and started my career in yachting.


Five years of yachting came to a screeching halt when I didn’t feel mentally challenged. I became very bored and tired of the same job everyday.  I wasn’t happy, felt alone, and often spent my weekend dis-attached from crew life.

Still without health insurance, guidance, a mentor or a path, I didn’t know what was next in my life.  I decide to get Acupuncture  at a school in town that treated veterans for free once a week.

 I didn't know much about the medicine, however, it was free, natural, and I thought it could help. 


 I was completely fascinated by the results. I received treatment to uplift my mood, support my bladder and for abdominal discomfort support. week after week, treatment after treatment I felt better, happier, more normal. 

I was in awe of what Chinese Medicine practitioners knew about this ‘magical’ form of healing and my health.  

One student suggested I enroll and my inquisitive spirit would be satisfied. For a moment I doubted myself. I didn’t believe I had the capacity to learn medicine.  At one point in my life, I was once told that I would never become a physician, I believed that to be true then. This was one of the very first lessons I learned that taught me to believe in myself.  

For The First Time In My Life I Went For What I Felt Was Right

I let my curiosity and desire to know more supersede my fear of not being good enough. Within a month I was a full time student enrolled in Chinese medicine school for the next four years of my life. I never saw a western medicine doctor and solely used acupuncture as a my primary care.  

My calling to be an Eastern medicine physician arrived.  I knew this would be my future in that moment.  I stay home most weekend to read, study and listen to doctors and watch movies about medicine, I took school seriously, I struggled with the amount of information we had to learn in a short time. 

I diligently kept my head in the books, I love studying and wanted to do it all day long. I knew that if acupuncture can uplift my mood and support my bladder, I had found my life's purpose. If I can feel amazing, not experience any side effects from treatment and have the ability to make a difference in someone else's life to that degree, I am living for what I am created for.

Eastern Medicine Change My Life

— Antonika Chanel

My faith in Chinese Medicine and Essential oils has been restored through Antonika's expertise and knowledge as an amazing practitioner. - Lynne Dunstam Nieuw Amsterdam Holland America

Now days I work on cruise ships around the world. I give talks, seminars and work with guest while on vacation from around the world. I have worked on several ships a few of them are, Nieuw Amsterdam with the Holland America Line and Regal Princess with Princess Cruise Line. I have traveled nearly half way around the world. I have been rated the number One Acupuncturist at Sea and Top Acupuncturist in my fleet. I invite you to join me this year and visit me at the Lotus Spa on the Regal Princess.

Over the past several years I have cruised in and out of the Port on Miami on private yachts. I am excited. This video to the left is special to me.

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