Our Private Community helps you get better faster, no matter where you are or what time of day. Qi of Life Holistic Circle from wherever you are – home, work or even on vacation and get better quickly.

Illness and injury can strike at anytime – and often outside of normal clinic and office hours. Avoid the hassle of trying to schedule an appointment and be seen by a Acupuncture physician online now.

When you need a second opinion and you want something that will complement your existing healthcare practice join the community and be supported by people who have had the same experience.

Initially I wanted information and an overview of how natural ways to kickstart my health works. I wanted to know if I could help myself with specific aliments like sinus problems, lack of sleep, general fatigue and blood pressure.

I never expected I would get results so quickly. I came here hoping Acupuncture would work and left knowing natural medicine works for me.
— Anne & Isabel

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