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Menstural Attunement & Brest Rejuvination


This bundle normally offered in the summer is essential for women who struggle with mensturation, menopause and want to know more about the power of their moon cycle.

  • Focuses on how important it is to gain body literacy and to see your menstrual cycle as a vital sign.
  • It lends itself to really understand why we bleed and how to understand it better with a western and eastern perspective.
  • It provides practical steps to sync into rhythm with your menstrual cycle by knowing what you need during each phase.
  • It's all about flowing with your cycles and rhythms for the best outcome...vitality and longevity

Get to the root of your menstrual challenges. Menstrual challenges are your bodies cry for attention and care.

The Basics of Chinese Medicine


The Basics of Chinese Medicine: Your Inner Ecosystem is an 8-week learn-from-anywhere course that will demystify acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

You’ll see yourself and the world in a new way, so you can make more medicinal choices.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • analyze your values and routines according to the principles of yin and yang so you can create balance in your life

  • begin to align your lifestyle and diet with daily and seasonal rhythms so you can digest better, have more energy, and stay healthy

  • identify which of the Five Elements tends to dominate for you, as well as where you are in the cycle of the Five Phases to understand yourself in a new way

  • determine which systems in your body tend to be out of balance, and how you might tend to them with lifestyle, diet, and acupressure

    • confidently select and use 10-20 acu-points for self-care

You’ll start developing a new framework for your intuition and unlock a whole new dimension of self-care possibilities.

Start to lose weight and feel less bloated when they apply the theory of digestive fire, food energetics, and eating in daily and seasonal rhythms

Know what points to press on or to anoint with an essential oil when they can’t sleep, need to calm down, or have a headache

Looking at the world through this new lens, you’ll see yourself differently, and open up a new dimension of self-care. And you shouldn’t have to go to acupuncture school in order to gain access to this perspective. That’s why I created my new learn-from-anywhere course on the Basics of Chinese Medicine: I want to make this powerful system intelligible so that you can apply it to your life.