You’ve been told essential oils are snake oil. it’s hocus-pocus.

Someone told you that, there no peer reviews that prove essential oils. You were raised on the system that says, ‘when you’re sick you see a doctor’. Thoughts run through you head about, getting started. Natural medicine is complicated, health is a trend. Natural medicine is expensive and insurance doesn’t cover it. Enough is ENOUGH!

You are interested about Essential oils

You are seriously interested in learning about how to stop feeling exhausted, unmotivated, in pain and stressed.  You don’t know where to start.  

  • With me, you will grow a thriving business, have control of your life, experience health freedom and financial freedom. 

  • Confidently know how to pick specific solutions for some of the most serious health problems we face today.

  • When you work with me you’ll walk away with competent knowledge of holistic medicine.

I'm a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist Food Therapist, Fitness Instructor and Health Coach. I started my journey into health twenty years ago.  

When started using essential oils and Eastern Medicine to help me manage stress and to support my digestive system my journey into natural solutions happened.  I got licensed as a Acupuncture physician and educator to help others reclaim their health and vitality.  People always compliment my skin and my energy.  No doubt, I look years younger and feel more alive than my age.

Working with me is a  one- on - one group program based on the philosophies of Eastern Medicine created with your specific health needs in mind. Let go of sick and tired and become alive and abundant.